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  • Anonymous
  • 01m
  • 09 Jun 2021

I had this phone for a while, everything was good but it overheats a LOT when charging it

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    • neoopus
    • 45}
    • 27 Jun 2020

    Anonymous, 17 Jun 2020My screen is broken. And i need the screen to buyyou can buy the screen for the Axon Pro which has a higher resolution 1440 x 2560 pixels) and it works fine with this model and you can adjust the resolution via adb they cost the same btw and easier to find.

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      • Anonymous
      • CGH
      • 17 Jun 2020

      My screen is broken. And i need the screen to buy

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        • Anonymous
        • NUw
        • 11 Jul 2018

        Love the axon, but I have noticed that the phone will overheat to an unsettling degree when charging

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          • sim
          • jRq
          • 08 Jul 2017

          I own an A1R and although it has heat issues, it does update to 6.0.1

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            • alex
            • keT
            • 01 May 2017

            IronBlossom, 11 Feb 2017i own one! pretty unique looking phone, stable performance,... moreagree with you 100% after coming updates this garbage frozen and stop working

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              • AnonD-653009
              • q}A
              • 15 Mar 2017

              Very disappointing device. Android 5.1.1 and no option (at least for me) to upgrade the OS means basic apps will not run.

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                • IronBlossom
                • g36
                • 11 Feb 2017

                i own one! pretty unique looking phone, stable performance, excellent sound quality both speaker and headphones(dac).

                terrible gsm strength!!! suddenly one i started getting 0, yes zero signal from any carrier i choose.

                worst part is, the customer care listed in my country, i went there and found a closed garage!!!

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                  • AnonD-538927
                  • QMI
                  • 17 Jan 2017

                  Anonymous, 20 Dec 2016You are now able to update from v5.1.1 to v6.0.1on Axon A1?

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                    • AnonD-538927
                    • 4qN
                    • 16 Jan 2017

                    Since when?

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                      • Anonymous
                      • kC%
                      • 05 Jan 2017

                      Anonymous, 20 Dec 2016You are now able to update from v5.1.1 to v6.0.1No.

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                        • Anonymous
                        • 4x6
                        • 23 Dec 2016

                        Anonymous, 20 Dec 2016You are now able to update from v5.1.1 to v6.0.1Thank you ,I'm updating now

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                          • Anonymous
                          • Ikf
                          • 20 Dec 2016

                          You are now able to update from v5.1.1 to v6.0.1

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                            • Marniluba
                            • EZQ
                            • 13 Dec 2016

                            Absolutely the best phone I have ever had!!

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                              • denzi
                              • jGc
                              • 01 Nov 2016

                              Allstar, 11 Nov 2015Why two back cameras????? The two cameras are to register depth

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                                • Kika
                                • Ikd
                                • 23 Jun 2016

                                I hate this phone, II just got it and I despise it. This is is due to the fact that my front camera makes me look like I have a paint filter on my face and makes my face look smudged. Also when i try to open one of my social media accounts, like Snapchat for instance the camera glitches and keep in mind that it is brand new and is already glitching. My suggestion is to get a better phone from an android company that is well known such as Samsung or LG even the nexus isn't that bad. I am going to return this phone. One word to explain this phone is disappointed.

                                  Hello everyone.... After 20 days with this device we have to say Its a great phone... Android is very well optimized here it runs very smooth ... Cammera is very decent great photos in daylight conditions... After 3 software updates it gets better adding 4K Video recording ... hope someday they develop 3D recording as well (LoL) Battery runs an entire day with no problems even much moore than a day... Audio quality is excelente besides it includes in package a 50 dollar value headset from JBL that sounds very powerfull with the Dolby audio of the Axon. Wifi is awesome.. great speed... downloads are realy very fast. The design gives a phone with personality ... you wont get confused with this cell when you see it out there you'll say Oh look it's an Axon Phone.. jajaja And the display is the best Superb quality for an IPS panel the blacks are actually very good the resolution is awesome the details are exquisit... and it offers 3 color profiles there's one called "Polo" that exceeds your expectations on color for this type of screens. Antoher very very nice touch is the cammera dedicated button that even lets you turn the phone on with a double click on it accesing directly the cammera software, alson front cammera does a great job in selfies with the Beautify feature oh! and is 8mpx out ! But its not perfect... for it's value (not so low for as we expected) ZTE missed out the fingerprint that is present in the other models of the serie like Axon Pro, Mini or Elite.. why..? now they are rolling out the Blade A2 a phone with a lower price and it have the fingerprint ! Other negative stuff is that tehy missed out an SD Card slot ... tough it have 32 Gb ROM that gives 25 Gb aprox for the user... but don't limit my possibilities please ! And a better GPU could be used in this model according to the date it was manufactured... Generaly is an "hybrid" between mid-range phones and high-range phones... like AnTuTu says is a mid-high device That surely will satisfy your needs Like we sayd an excelnet phone but if you want top performance get the Axon Elite... hope ZTE reads my post and offers to change my Axon for the Axon Elite jajajajaja.. Best regards to all of you..

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                                    • Jason
                                    • xiW
                                    • 17 Apr 2016

                                    Shogun, 23 Dec 2015Great value smarphone that can play 32bit 192Khz music file... moreThe camera doesnt work for me as well. Only on software from play store works for me

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                                      • Shogun
                                      • qd}
                                      • 23 Dec 2015

                                      Great value smarphone that can play 32bit 192Khz music files.

                                      However its software camera doesn't work for me, I have to use one from playstore.

                                      I suggested for the future ZTE don't confuse with too much model. Axon Lux, Pro and Elite mean the same thing, it shoud be just one model.

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • mN{
                                        • 12 Dec 2015

                                        Allstar, 11 Nov 2015Why two back cameras????? Same as HTC M8, for changing focus after taking shot.