ZTE Axon 10 Pro

ZTE Axon 10 Pro

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  • Hey You
  • yNP
  • 03 Dec 2022

BIG SCREEN PROBLEM!!! After 2 years (end of warranty) screen flashes and some months later the screen is dead. Is a common issue with this model (please search on internet) with no solution. No official support.
In addition, there is no Android updates.
It is a very bad buy. It seemed like a very good phone but now I have a paperweight.

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    • vince227
    • EB2
    • 16 Nov 2022

    Purchased in November 2019 and I'm still using it today with no issues. Decent phone volume, and decent photos, but night shots are not so great. Very happy with my purchase as a person that upgrades their phone after 1yr or 18mos.

      In my opinion this phone is still a 4.5 out of 5.0 score in 2022. It's quick (thanks to lots of RAM), stable and feature packed.

      The minor issues I have with it are:
      - WiFi/VoLTE calling not displaying caller ID (seems to be a software bug).
      - Blacks can slightly smear when scrolling at low brightness.
      - QI charging struggles to mate correctly and often won't charge (I've tried multiple chargers).
      - Phone cases are extremely rare.
      - GPS location often struggles to get a fix.

        Anonymous, 11 Apr 2021are there any gorilla glass protection.?The Huawei P30 Pro screen is essentially identical in size and the screen protectors can be used. I find the glass screen protectors using UV glue adhesive are the best solution for these phones.

        I've had the 4G (A2020U) version for a couple years and been really happy with it. Screen is not easily damaged with the glass screen protector. No screen flickering issues at all.

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          • Anonymous
          • 4NG
          • 11 May 2022

          Looking back at this phone, A lot of the SD855 and SD865 phones were great. This one especially had almost everything. SD card slot, good display, good specs, good camera, wireless charging, supported US LTE bands, low affordable price, good battery life, large display but felt lightweight and easy to hold, looks sleek, UD fingerprint reader was fast enough to be ok, and the button placement for volume and power was very ergonomic. The only thing I felt was missing from this phone was the headphonejack but they did include an adapter in the box. I guess software updates was another weakpoint of this phone but unless you were buying Samsung, Google, or Apple, software updates was a weakpoint to every brand.

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            • Karollo
            • 6k}
            • 17 Sep 2021

            Android 11 is available now (Myos 11). Check ZTE website.

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              • Haqq
              • IbI
              • 16 Aug 2021

              Mettrich, 06 Aug 2021You do know though that security updates don't really ... moreI'm sure everyone will have their own opinion on this...but it matters to me...in my world, that's all that counts...

                Haqq, 28 Jun 2021As of May this year, I have gotten official notice from ZTE... moreYou do know though that security updates don't really matter to a lot of people because they are always really minor and the "issues" often only are potential issues? This isn't Windows where every other program could contain a virus, get your stuff together.

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                  • Haqq
                  • IbI
                  • 28 Jun 2021

                  As of May this year, I have gotten official notice from ZTE USA technical division that they no longer offer support or any updates, security or o.s., for this phone thus making this a dead and unsafe device. The last update was August, 2020. I would encourage anyone with this device to seriously consider another brand and stay away from any future device that they make. I have tried to get an honest answer from them via email and phone to confirm this for almost a year when finally a supervisor from tech finally admitted to this truth.
                  Unfortunate...this was a pretty good phone.

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                    • Palmu
                    • pWM
                    • 26 Jun 2021

                    Really a great phone, except the glass is super fragile..

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                      • Belajoe
                      • r39
                      • 24 May 2021

                      blackslide, 25 Dec 2020On paper this seemed like the deal of the year, I got mine ... moreMine works fine .... The phone is perfect

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                        • Anonymous
                        • nUL
                        • 11 Apr 2021

                        are there any gorilla glass protection.?

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                          • Horse
                          • 6v0
                          • 14 Mar 2021


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                            • blackslide
                            • pdg
                            • 25 Dec 2020

                            On paper this seemed like the deal of the year, I got mine from our network operator sale.
                            At first glance everything was okay, but...
                            -Gets really hot in heavy use, even without wifi hotspot (if wifi hotspot is on, it's scary hot)
                            -Really slippery (designed like a wet soapbar)
                            -Fragile front and rear glass, both shatter really easily (no bump protection at all)

                            When this appeared, no cases, no covers, not even a screen film was available locally. So I immediately ordered some from china, needless to say, most were utter .... and the only working magnetic clip-on allround "glass"/alu -cover, blocked most of the rf, so I had to remove the protective case to get signal.

                            Front glass was broken in a week, totally shattered in a month, rear cover was dropping sharp glass bits in 2 months, so I had to remove it. Camera cover is integrated into rear glass so the camera broke the next week.. I'm really not into paying for the marque, but when the cheaper competitors have quality like this, I guess I'll head to more expensive makes, that have decent covers and glasses available from the get-go.

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                              • MarkS
                              • k1I
                              • 28 Nov 2020

                              No 3.5mm headphone jack was the dealbreaker for me. I would have bought this phone otherwise.

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                                • MarkS
                                • k1I
                                • 18 Nov 2020

                                3.5mm jack No = Deal Breaker

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                                  • xz
                                  • IbG
                                  • 05 Sep 2020

                                  warning this phone has fragile screen, with protector have several cracks in it from dropping on linoleum covered wood flooring.... good thing i bought when extended plan was available

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                                    • br
                                    • IbG
                                    • 05 Sep 2020

                                    Hiren, 27 Aug 2020I have purchased B&H deal & using Ultra Mobile (T-M... moreive had this phone on tmobile since i bought in may and never have been able to get band 71 either. last pdf of band 71 shows only limited areas :(.. best is 66

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                                      • Hiren
                                      • kCb
                                      • 27 Aug 2020

                                      I have purchased B&H deal & using Ultra Mobile (T-Mobile MVNO) SIM into it. I specially bought this for 2 things, 1st it has LTE Band 71 & 2nd it is dual-SIM phone. But both feature I'm having issue. I never get LTE Band 71, mostly I get B4, B12 & B66 and inside home I mostly connected with VoWifi for calling. I check with Ultra but they are unable to support & says if your area does not have B71 then need report from 3-4 other instrument and then only they forward case to T-Mobile And for dual SIM I have other Indian SIM in International Roaming that work with this phone in 2nd slot but SMS outgoing is not working with that here. So, major concern is LTE Band 71, anybody used LTE Band 71 with this phone on T-Mobile network or any other country service provider who have LTE Band 71 ?

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                                        • Haqq
                                        • IbI
                                        • 18 Aug 2020

                                        Excellent phone at a great price. Picked up the 12 gb for $399 on B&H. Steal of the year!