ZTE Axon 40 Ultra

ZTE Axon 40 Ultra

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  • Iy@
  • 18 Jul 2022

Does it work for Verizon

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    • frost15
    • gDf
    • 16 Jul 2022

    Does anyone know if the portrait mode can also be used with the periscope zoom camera? If yes, is it possible to adjust the level of bokeh manually?
    Or is the 35mm camera the only camera which can capture portraits in the separate "Portrait" Mode?



      Double the £650 stated!

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        • Anonymous
        • Imm
        • 12 Jul 2022

        I made a post earlier about the Axon 40 Ultra. I'd like to elaborate on that... The phone "DOES" work on the T-Mobile network. HOWEVER... I had to switch to Mint Mobile, which uses the T-Mobile network. SIM card CLEARLY says "T-Mobile". The phone works perfectly on Mint Mobile. 5G, 4G LTE, VoLTE, all of it. Full bars on the connection. Perfectly. So... it's not the phone's fault, it's T-Mobile (or MetroPCS) fault that their system cannot correctly identify new IMEI numbers. So, if you have T-Mobile or MetroPCS and they tell you it's not compatible with their networks... it's because they're idiots. Switch to Mint (or some other carrier).

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          • Asuka
          • 4se
          • 09 Jul 2022

          In the same situation as Annoymous lol. Bought the USA version, started out with my personal line on Google Fi, signal was completely disconnecting every few minutes. Tried work SIM on AT&T and still is doing the exact same thing. Given it's happened on not one, but two carriers, it's definetly a ZTE issue, not my carrier's. I'm an Uber driver and need a data connection while I'm working, even a few seconds of no connection won't work for me. Support has been doing anything BUT talking about a refund, they even hung up on me after explaining to their call support line that I've already done all the troubleshooting over email. Sucks, I had the ZTE Axon 7 way back when that released and it was the best, sad to see ZTE doesn't care anymore.

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            • Anonymous
            • 5@k
            • 08 Jul 2022

            Got the Axon 40 Ultra...using T-mobile.. very weak signal , can not get online most of the time even thought it is show three bars of signal. Very bad customer support, tried to return the phone for refund, they keep having you answer their e-mails back and forth and asking stupid questions such as: if you getting weak or no signal, can you change your phone carrier? ... OMG.. don't buy ZTE... Garbage.

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              • jabi
              • gQM
              • 02 Jul 2022

              Anonymous, 28 Jun 2022ordered on 6/21...promised priority 3 days shipping....but ... morePlease read the "Shipping Policy" carefully.

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                • Anonymous
                • 5@k
                • 02 Jul 2022

                you have to suffer, 30 Jun 2022is it shipped to you now?yes.. i just received the Axon 40 Ultra today. Inserted the T-mobile SIM card, works perfectly. Nice phone.

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                  • jabi
                  • m%p
                  • 01 Jul 2022

                  ALL opinions are comparative. Does anyone dare to comment as if it were the only existing smartphone?

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                    • PqS
                    • 01 Jul 2022

                    Amol, 26 Jun 2022I am using k20 pro since July 2019, i haven't updated ... moreIdk, i have a Mi 9T(non-pro, sadly). I should've bought the pro version.

                    Im sad cause mine has a no better processor but man, it still rocks and i expect to keep it for at least one more year.

                    If you keep it in MIUI 12/Android 10 there will be some bugs but you will keep some features that were removed like gestures in third party launchers. This is why im not updating. I love MIUI but google screwed up with the gestures and MIUI was the only supporting gestures in that way from what i know, util they dont. Im waiting to see what Xiaomi Mix 5 would offer, meanwhile this Axon looks amazing. But also for me Android 12 is ugly AF! and im gonna to watch some video about how MyOS(ZTE) is, Android 12 also is a reason to not upgrade.

                    and after a bible comment... The issue that will make us upgrade will be the battery. I feel how it's struggling to end the day. Sometimes it last a day others no and idk if changing the battery it will be enough.

                    These were beautiful phones, we should save them like reliques,
                    companies won't make phones like them anymore

                      Anonymous, 28 Jun 2022ordered on 6/21...promised priority 3 days shipping....but ... moreis it shipped to you now?

                        bonne, 26 Jun 2022ZTE nubia Red Magic 3s (2019) is my first flagships phone f... moredamn your dad has a gaming phone?? prolly he played pubg mobile

                          This phone has a candy bar size in width like the Sony Xperia 1.

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                            • Anonymous
                            • 5@k
                            • 28 Jun 2022

                            ordered on 6/21...promised priority 3 days shipping....but take forever to ship out.

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                              • Chandra
                              • tDE
                              • 27 Jun 2022

                              It is a king of smartphone

                                flat screen ✅
                                curved screen✖️

                                  Very exciting to see a 35 mm main camera, other companies should copy that.

                                    • b
                                    • bonne
                                    • xjH
                                    • 26 Jun 2022

                                    ZTE nubia Red Magic 3s (2019) is my first flagships phone from my dad😂 (yeah student has no money), and still work smooth until 2022.... and now planning to buy phone with my money 😂 ZTE axon is my target

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                                      • Amol
                                      • Dkd
                                      • 26 Jun 2022

                                      I am using k20 pro since July 2019, i haven't updated since then, i don't like updates and i am very happy without doing any update on my phone, am i doing great sin?

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                                        • I guess
                                        • 7XH
                                        • 25 Jun 2022

                                        I think this was the only phone that met most of my criteria, is this even good?
                                        I think this is comparable to realme gt2 pro