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ZTE Axon 40 Ultra

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Very exciting to see a 35 mm main camera, other companies should copy that.

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    • bonne
    • xjH
    • 26 Jun 2022

    ZTE nubia Red Magic 3s (2019) is my first flagships phone from my dad😂 (yeah student has no money), and still work smooth until 2022.... and now planning to buy phone with my money 😂 ZTE axon is my target

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      • Amol
      • Dkd
      • 26 Jun 2022

      I am using k20 pro since July 2019, i haven't updated since then, i don't like updates and i am very happy without doing any update on my phone, am i doing great sin?

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        • 7XH
        • 25 Jun 2022

        I think this was the only phone that met most of my criteria, is this even good?
        I think this is comparable to realme gt2 pro

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          • JG01
          • I21
          • 24 Jun 2022

          In my experience with buying Chinese manufacturers phones in the US …DON’T buy them, you will be disappointed! I have a number of Chinese phone and all them say the same with software updates. They make statements about 2-3 years of updates and don’t do it. You are using a phone with many software bugs, security vulnerabilities, performance and stability issues and they do very little to fix them(US phones). You might get 1-2 updates in year that fix something but break others. Sony, Samsung, Apple are the only ones that provide timely updates. If in the US buy the Chinese or European version, otherwise don’t buy them, you will be disappointed.

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            • AnonD-731363
            • SH3
            • 23 Jun 2022

            Ocramavaf, 22 Jun 2022Except Sony and Samsung flagship will get at least 3 years ... moreMan since when update of the phone i mean 1 year extra have value of 300???
            And since when IP ratings are important???
            Unless you dont live in the rain forest they arent.
            By the way waterproof case on alliexrpess and simmilar sites cost from 2 euros.
            And about life time of the phone most users will swap ther devices every 2 years to not loose much of the value of the phone.
            So in because of this the life time of the device is not that important most people buy new and the rest who looks for used phones will go after the cheapest options.

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              • Ocramavaf
              • phr
              • 22 Jun 2022

              AnonD-731363, 21 Jun 2022With 1/2 the price of Sony Flagship and 33% less costly tha... moreExcept Sony and Samsung flagship will get at least 3 years of guaranteed software updates ZTE users may well be stuck on Android 12 (or maybe 13 if they bother to update it) for the lifetime of the phone, which without any IP ratings and what not is likey to be a short one

                notafanboy, 21 Jun 2022according to a report from a ZTE Axon 10 Pro user nicknamed... moreSo the problem is basically affects customers from the United States. In Europe things are usually good.

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                  • Anonymous
                  • nRv
                  • 22 Jun 2022

                  some info in the spec is missing:

                  IP Ratings ??
                  Corning Gorilla Glass ???

                  it is also hard to find that data else ware.

                    ZTE's lack of updates doesn't inspire confidence in their devices. I'd be wary of them after reading experiences of Axon 30 users. Device is good for unboxing videos in YouTube though.

                      Mobilemaster, 21 Jun 2022Hi! Can you be more specific please? Did you used ZTE flags... moreaccording to a report from a ZTE Axon 10 Pro user nicknamed “Markjc2002”, ZTE has basically decided not to update the ZTE Axon 10 Pro to the Android 11 update in the US. The fact is that this update is available in Europe and other regions. The user has exchanged emails with ZTE USA Supported for a couple of weeks and received several “automatic” replies from the company until a final reply denied future updates to the smartphone.

                      The big and most important complaint isn’t simply the lack of a new major Android update coming to other regions. One of the biggest complaints is that the Android 10 update broke the GPS and A-GPS. User reports that this important feature was available with Android 9 Pie but stopped working after Android 10 problem. To make things even more shocking, this is a known bug for the initial Android 10 builds for the ZTE Axon 10 Pro. ZTE has released a hotfix in Europe and other markets that will make GPS work again. However, this patch never arrived in the United States. And according to the ZTE USA support team, it will never reach the handset. As a result, ZTE Axon 10 Pro owners are left without GPS.

                      ZTE has promised the Android 11 update for the devices in the United States by the end of 2020. However, it’s 2022 and US users are still using Android 10. They’re not asking for something ZTE hadn’t promised. In fact, the company actually said yes two years ago. Also, the device will not function properly in its current state without GPS. Nowadays, GPS and A-GPS are required for practically everything.

                        notafanboy, 21 Jun 2022ZTE are truly awful at software updates. I wouldn't re... moreHi! Can you be more specific please? Did you used ZTE flagships before?

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                          • oio
                          • tu2
                          • 21 Jun 2022

                          Pakalini, 20 Jun 2022It is a shame it has no 3.5mm & Sabre dac, bring it back 💸quit whining and get a dongle

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                            • AnonD-731363
                            • SH3
                            • 21 Jun 2022

                            With 1/2 the price of Sony Flagship and 33% less costly than S22 ultra by Samsung this really looks like a top specced phone with everything the rest have but a lot cheaper. Great job ZTE.

                              Quite pricy for what it is.

                                ZTE are truly awful at software updates. I wouldn't recommend.

                                  It is a shame it has no 3.5mm & Sabre dac, bring it back 💸

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                                    • AnonD-792345
                                    • xHd
                                    • 16 Jun 2022

                                    lol, 14 Jun 2022really huh Why not use VPN to China and get updates like w... moreI did get an Android 11 update from ZTEs China official site, but then the global ROM turned to Chinese ROM, with host of banking apps and others weren't even available, so not knowing downgrading the ROM bricks your phone, I tried downgrading the Nubia Z20, and bricked it.

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                                      • smooth operator
                                      • gxG
                                      • 14 Jun 2022

                                      stanley77, 14 Jun 2022You have wrong info about senzor size main and ultrawide ca... moreZTE Axon 40 Ultra review // Chavis

                                      Axon 40 Ultra and Nubia 40 Pro have the same camera sensor.
                                      We initially thought it's a 1/1.3" type sensor but while we reviewed the Axon, we dug out the correct sensor size.
                                      The specs page of the Nubia 40 Pro would be updated to say 1/1.76".

                                        You have wrong info about senzor size main and ultrawide camera has 1/1.3´´ size sensor its sony IMX787, not 1/1.7, its wrong info!!!