ZTE Axon 50 Ultra

ZTE Axon 50 Ultra

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  • 12 Apr 2024

demomodekid76, 26 Oct 2023oh no, i think its cancelledCut the sadness I make the clumsiness. What the flip.
11/04/2023 - 26/10/2023 (6 months and 15 days)
Get the flip out of here, i hate the sadness please shut up.

    justasmile, 26 Dec 2023Yeah, even the specs page says so.It wasn't cancelled. It just was never sold to consumers. It was designed only to be sold to government type organisations and companies in China so it was never sold to end consumers. The just released Axon 60 ultra is the same. Not available to normal consumers

      David 040882, 25 Dec 2023So completely cancelled? Like not even a China release? I m... moreYeah, even the specs page says so.

        justasmile, 24 Dec 2023No sales, it's cancelled. LOLSo completely cancelled? Like not even a China release? I mean it was announced back in April, so I would've thought it was China-only and the global release was cancelled

          Mills, 30 May 2023Add HDR10+ and we'll talk sales.No sales, it's cancelled. LOL

            Good that this is cancelled. Shouldn't even exist anyway. Android 12 in 2023, really? They should put focus on their Nubia Z series too.

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              • shu
              • IbK
              • 10 Dec 2023

              David 040882, 23 Nov 2023So I suppose that the Axon series is dead.....?no this one was a china only apparently.

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                • shu
                • IbK
                • 29 Nov 2023

                David 040882, 01 Nov 2023Why though?rebranding it the nubia z50se

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                  • snP
                  • 28 Nov 2023

                  Axon 50 Ultra launched in China

                    So I suppose that the Axon series is dead.....?

                      shu, 21 Sep 2023according to the guys running the zte main page on facebook... moreWhy though?

                        oh no, i think its cancelled

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                          • 21 Sep 2023

                          according to the guys running the zte main page on facebook i was told this phone is NOT going to be made at all .......

                            I don't get it.....if was announced in April and it is expected to be released now in September? Why the long wait?

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                              • shu
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                              • 21 Jul 2023

                              where is the phone... its like they skipped it went with gaming phones an then the z50s pro.... no ones talking about this phone at all. is it as bad as the 30 ultra was camera app wise with all the issues zte never fixed an never will?

                                LucaKirani, 31 May 2023People posting saying it will come with android 12 no it wo... moreIf you look at its spec page on ZTE official website you'll see the OS is MyOS 12.0 which is based on Android 12. And that's totally fine since it won't be available for public consumers and only meant for corporate users instead.

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                                  • L2GA
                                  • X5u
                                  • 08 Jul 2023

                                  Wow 😲 well-done ZTE👍🥰it

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                                    • Lenox
                                    • xjH
                                    • 26 Jun 2023

                                    The best display I have ever seen

                                      David 040882, 02 Jun 2023My bad 😅. But the Axon 50 Ultra hasn't been released y... moreI bet you $10 it's gonna be $600 or more. Let's just call it a hunch.

                                      And I said it won't be reflected, not that it will. Can't believe I have to say this is a third time.

                                        joe nodden, 01 Jun 2023"Then that should be reflected in the price? And it wo... moreMy bad 😅. But the Axon 50 Ultra hasn't been released yet, so how do you know that it will be reflected in the price?