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ZTE Axon mini

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  • Neeraj panachal

Neeraj, 02 Jun 2020Volte enable software My phone screen turns blue. Do not know what happened in this and it will be all right in UP, otherwise you can tell what I should do. Could it be the home delivery of its screen that I can change it please?

  • Neeraj

Raaj india , 07 Nov 2018Hey plz tell me how to enable VoLTE service on axon mini b2... moreVolte enable software


i bought my phone last week and it has been stolen and i want to track it please i need your help

  • Anonymous

I bought this phone in July of 2017 and it's still going strong. I have three complaints about it though. No FM radio, the auto rotate doesn't lock and there's no dark screen clock. When I download a radio or clock from the Paystore they mess up the phone and I have to delete them. Othrwise my needs are simple and I'm pretty satisfied. If they got those three things right it would be a perfect phone.r

  • Raaj india

Hey plz tell me how to enable VoLTE service on axon mini b2016. ZTE customer care executive says this model support jio VoLTE..?? Plz help me

  • Raaj India

Can any one tell me. my ZTE axon mini b2016 model not support jio VoLTE service. But ZTE custemer care executive say axon mini b2016 support VoLTE. Plz tell me guys how to enable VoLTE service...???

Kimber, 01 Jun 2017Unfortunate that the browser constantly kicks me off the in... morechoose another one like via or cm, you don't need to use what is in the phone from zte.

Chappy , 16 May 2017This is a good phone if anybody wonts a fast mobile you wil... moreGearbest website is about 134 euros: https://www.gearbest.com/cell-phones/pp_247009.html?11

q, 21 Jan 2017does it have GYROSCOPE or not? specs say it does, but someo... morehttp://www.ztedevice.com/product/smart-phone/AXON-MINI

  • Kimber

Unfortunate that the browser constantly kicks me off the internet (Unfortunately, browser has stopped) all day, every day! Now my ringer sounds and any video sounds is gone, or makes a very weird sound. Not happy with this phone that I bought just barely 3 months ago!

  • Chappy

This is a good phone if anybody wonts a fast mobile you will have to spend up big this phone is under $200 well worth the money

  • James

Very nice phone with a few drawbacks:
- no Android updates
- both cameras are very bad
- HSDPA and LTE connections are very weak - it shows many bars but does not perform

  • RedBox

When android 6 upgrade comes for this phone?

  • AnonD-649805

this phone is very fit even i can't open mcdonald delivery apps

  • AnonD-192443

AnonD-192443, 04 Feb 2017will it(zteB2016) be getting android update ya zte axon mini premium has the grycpo sensor and it does support 360 videos on youtube though axon mini may not have it,,as there are 2 mini version

  • NoCountryForOldMan

Good phone, weak support on software. The device will be stock with android 5.1 and no more unfortunatly.

  • AnonD-192443

will it(zteB2016) be getting android update

  • q

does it have GYROSCOPE or not? specs say it does, but someone in comments said that it doesn't.
please answer, not having gyro is a deal breaker.

  • HomeAlone

How can I activate double tap wake up on this device. I thought android like windows phone has this functionality. Othervise its a good phone. No lags, no heating, good battery life, rather fast charging, very good screen and audio.

  • AnonD-627561

I too have a ZTE Axon Mini (B2015) & seek advice on teh following:
1.0 How to upgrade it's Android 5.1.1 to the latest version (tried contact ZTE online helpline several times but of no avail at all!!)
2.0 Disappointed that it doesn't seem to have an FM Radio, the most basic to expect and equally basic mind gap of a company as huge as ZTE. Is there any way to get around it & enjoy FM without using the data connection.