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ZTE Blade

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  • Anonymous

I bought this in 2011 (It was rebranded by Dell in India) and the phone was great. This little guy was tough. So much community support, Modaco forum.. xda and mods.. so much nostalgia..

  • BESS

Bought in UK in ~2011, still using it in UA. Second battery. Need new battery.

  • Pinty

Bulawayo 1, 06 Jul 2017really good phone has charging problems though I used it fo... moreActually it works great, a very good phone was in the past. Mine was recharged after 5 years and the factory battery is still in good health.

  • Jervasious

Evening please guide me where or what to do on my phone it have got a speaker problem. I bought this phone in January this year it was fine from the beginning but as from may up to now it still has the same problem. Who can fix it because in the store where I bought it they told me that it will take 2 to 3 months which is too much at least 1 to 3 weeks but

  • AnonD-684508

Too small....

  • Bulawayo 1

really good phone has charging problems though I used it for only 4 months the battery went dead

  • promise

what is the length of zte blade

  • AnonD-608239

First of all,why did you even bought this phone in the first place? it's a really old device.Of course, it won't live up to your expectations! Plus,there are many great cheap smartphones out there!

  • Kunal

Anonymous, 09 Nov 2016This was my first android phone back in 2011. Even though i... moresir My Phone is very Good condition but the body is very OLD / please give your phone /

  • Anonymous

This was my first android phone back in 2011. Even though it was shitty, it helped me to learn the basic tricks of android rooting/flashing and stuff. Never hard bricked, though it was supposed to, the way I used it. Surprised to see this still in market and people actually buying it. Holy $h!t.!!!

  • Bert armadillo

This is a 6 year old phone, why are people still buying it?!?

  • Anonymous

Bought a brand new one, microphone faulty, person on the other line cant hear me, in contact with ZTE at the moment but not happy

  • Anonymous

This must be the worst phone on the market. It has a mind of its own and nothing works as it should. Hope it gets withdrawn from the market very quickly

  • sunil

SimWill, 28 Jan 2015My internal memory is getting lower on a daily basic, and l... morei whant this phone battiry

  • jadhav

Anonymous, 12 Dec 2014can i used marathi font in idea blade zteiwant battiry

  • arif21kamaal@yahoo.c

monty , 09 Aug 2015Touch pad break problem I want new so plz guide me and what... moreTouch pad break problem I want new so plz guide me and what the price of it

  • Martin

Mikey, 26 Nov 2014Dear Friends Will ths work on the Three mobile network ... moreWorks fine on three

  • Anonymous

tôi muốn xin rom

  • sudarshan

I want display please

  • Chipo

I have this mobile and the network has not been consistent... How do I trouble shoot it .I'm located in Zambia