ZTE Blade V30

ZTE Blade V30

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  • Zero

ZTE... Damn, if you use UNISOC, use the higher tiers like the UNISOC Tiger T710 or the T740!


I think there should be some shutter system for the front camera which will hide the camera with a circle display. Thus having a full screen display without any punch hole

  • Wann

While you use unisoc, should the price under 150 usd coused the soc be used press the price, but why the price still hight?? I dont understand what u mind zte....??

Deisgn actually very nice...

Hmmmmmm zte......

  • Anonymous

Tamil Nadu Kid, 16 Jul 2021What iz unisoc? A 10 times worse alternative to MediaTek

  • Tamil Nadu Kid

What iz unisoc?

Ew an LCD

  • K.

James Nana, 12 Jul 2021Mediocre chipset. Everything is quite similar to the poco X... moreBut trashy display and full bugged IU

  • Anonymous

carasco, 12 Jul 2021itsn't a tiger unisoc , it's just a cub maybe its just a kitty XD

Mediocre chipset. Everything is quite similar to the poco X3 pro which cost about $30 to $50 dollars more while offering a far better processor.

  • carasco

itsn't a tiger unisoc , it's just a cub

  • Doni

What the... Tiger?! Why is looks like some budget soc?

  • Anonymous

so what about this processors???!??!

Tiger T710

Tger T7510 (740 5G)

Tiger T760 5G

Tiger T7520 (770 5G)

Unisocks :>

  • NasserSolomon

Unisoc ??? This chipset structure semilar to G80