ZTE Blade V7 Plus

ZTE Blade V7 Plus

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  • Anonymous

I purchased this product from Officeworks as a spare phone. I find it easy to use and very responsive. I have had no issues with it and am disappointed that I haven't been able to purchase another. I would highly recommend it to friends.

Anonymous, 25 Mar 2018I'll never buy ZTE again... It was $400 in Aust when relea... moreAll Androids are like that

  • Dave

$148 from Officeworks, eight 1.3 GHz cores, 2gig RAM, 16gig storage, dual 4G sim slots, full HD screen, fantastic value.

  • Anonymous

I'll never buy ZTE again...
It was $400 in Aust when released, $300 few months later & I got it for $200 when it was 1 year old. Was NOT worth it.

  • Anonymous

Really?, 16 Jul 2017What is PLUS about this device?Fingerprint scanner. Thats all.

This phone was available at JB Hi-Fi for a couple of months in my country, costing $299... Or thereabouts. It's actually not bad. Despite the lowly specifications it performed well doing browsing and calls... Simple things perhaps. If it's priced cheap in your country it would be worth thinking about

  • Really?

What is PLUS about this device?

  • AnonD-441601

Very high price for a very low phone with so small battery t will last maybe couple of hours.