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  • Chris_Iceman

Purchased this phone back in May 2019, as it is an older model, carrier gives it out for free. I must mention my previous phone was a Moto G5 Plus, and it was really hard to retire it, but believe it or not, it was getting slower. So I liked the slim look of the V9, and I while I don't like fingerprint sensors on the back, I also liked the dual camera. Well, the fingerprint sensor is the main thing I ended up having troubles with. While the Motorola was quick and easy to use, barely touching it, the V9 requires that I slowly approach my finger tip and make it lay almost entirely flat or it won't read it. That sucks. I've actually thought about disabling that option because of it. Another thing is the antenna is either too weak or simply bad, while my previous phone would get incoming calls everywhere in my apartment, this one I have to place in a specific spot by the window to keep the signal. It has restarted on its own a couple of times. And the worst feature that annoys me the most, when downloading an app, even though it's set up to download on any network and is on wi-fi, it "queues" it, so I have to wait for an undetermined period of time for it to actually install the app I want. Same thing with the updates. Yes, it's not an expensive phone, but I'm already planning on selling it and pay the difference to get a Moto G7 Plus.

  • :v♥

I like it ♥

  • Anonymous

I don't have too many problems with the phone seeing as it only left me short £130, maybe the odd miss-click every now and then when it gets too hot; my big issue is the sound. I can't hear a word of what people are saying when I'm in a call outside. I hoped using earphones would help, but the volume on them is just as low for whatever reason. I checked if there was any way to increase the volume, but apparently this is the best it can do. So now I'm stuck carrying around two phones because this one cant do its job.

  • Omar

Alex, 04 May 2018Using it heavily for 2 weeks now. Performance is decent, never g... moreAm experiencing the same problems but the most annoying one is that the screen is turning on in my pocket for no reason and its vibrates sometimes ,zte really needs to fix this issue especially if it a software problem

  • Anonymous

Alex, 04 May 2018Using it heavily for 2 weeks now. Performance is decent, never g... morehow can you buy & review it when it's not available yet? i can't find it in china or any chinese online site. if you did buy, point me to it to believe what you're saying, till then i take your review with a douse of salt.

  • Pnoy2Tall

Alex, 04 May 2018Using it heavily for 2 weeks now. Performance is decent, never g... moreHow much did you bought it? Thanks :)

  • Alex

Using it heavily for 2 weeks now. Performance is decent, never gets hot, battery level doesn't drop like crazy. Camera is surprisingly good. Screen is OK - very bright and visible in direct sunlight, good enough colors and viewing angles, much better than the ultra budget phones, but far far away from what flagships have to offer. Battery life is excellent. Been watching movies (saved on MicroSD card) for 6 hours on one battery charge. 48h of mostly standby left it with 50% battery, and that's WITH apps installed like WhatsApp, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Gmail, BlueMail, Viber, Google Assistant, etc. Which is probably because they're not running and not giving me notifications (bad).

My biggest issues so far:
1. Almost non-existent customer base. Hard to find any accessories, xda-developers thread on this phone is completely dead, with no hopes on getting a custom ROM.
2. Zero support on the phone. You can't even find the official product page from ZTE. System updates are completely dead, giving me an error that there is no network connection (probably the update server is offline). It's good now because it's one of the first 3rd party phones with Android 8.1 out of the box, but it will probably be garbage within a year.
3. Existing software is kinda bad. With 3GB of RAM, most apps restart completely after just several seconds of switching to another app, even though there are 500MB free. And why is there only 500MB free?! The OS is seriously bloated. Best thing anyone would do to this phone is install LineageOS 15 on it, which will probably never happen.
4. Both speakers are very weak. A phone conversation is next to impossible near a busy street. Max volume is just enough for one person to understand what they're saying in a video.
5. Fingerprint sensor reacts to the skin on my leg while I keep it in my pants pocket (tried many pairs of pants). Result - fingerprint is locked due to too many failed attempts, and when I'm wearing my bluetooth headset which is a trusted device, the phone simply unlocks and stays turned ON inside the pocket whenever it touches my leg with the fingerprint reader. Thus I have to put it with the screen facing the leg, which on a hot summer day might mean that I take it out with the screen full of drops of sweat.

  • Anonymous

Nadalion, 25 Feb 2018 Seriously, $300 for sd450? What a joke.I agree with you but looking at how overpriced other vendors with msm8996/msm8998 are this seems to be "cheap" by comparison - unfortunately.

  • AnonD-714098

In MWC you heard about the top brands like a Samsung, Huawei, LG, Sony, and other. But there are dozens of emerging brand showing off their innovative device as well. I saw too many similar designs with equally matched features and quality. Just like an iLA Silk and ZTE Blade V9. If you see the design of both upcoming smartphones you will be not able to define company brand. let's wait for price and official launch.

  • AnonD-740694

Shame it doesn't have USB C

Seriously, $300 for sd450? What a joke.

  • Anonymous

Why downgrade from snapdragon 625 to 450?

  • AnonD-441601

AnonD-733422, 07 Feb 2018Snap 450 is more than enough.With 4 gb will doing every job very... moreWell we will see.

  • AnonD-733422

AnonD-441601, 03 Jan 2018Strange phone. Doesnt looks bad but why only 450 snap as CPU? ... moreSnap 450 is more than enough.With 4 gb will doing every job very well.This phone is also very nice, good cameras.With price below 200 $,this will be great deal.

  • Lester Tomamak

i was shocked at first 2 know its still not announced when its here please tell us why or its just a big mistake if it is please correct it cause people who loves this phone will be hingly confused like me , if this is just a miss understanding im sorry but you also need to explain yourselves , cause i want to buy this phone , tell us when this will be out .

  • Anonymous

hiiii, 09 Jan 2018I Do Only Nice Telephone Cause All Rare Extra gb Also Shimmer... morelol

  • hiiii

I Do Only Nice Telephone
Cause All Rare Extra gb
Also Shimmer Handset Is Toally awesome
now only read the capitalized letters jajaja

  • Zero

If the price is below 200 dollars, it will be a great deal.

  • AnonD-441601

Anonymous, 08 Jan 2018Just wait for it's release starting price whether its worth it...Well we will see.
4GB ram looks promising camera too.
Colour is also nice.