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ZTE Blade X1 5G

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  • breezelow
  • ILs
  • 27 Oct 2023

The price was high but tolerable, unlike the thousand dollar phones. It is super FAST, it does everything imaginable, in an optimal way, even has 5G. Battery is optimal, no phone lasts longer and durable for years. I recommend this for anyone looking for an optimal cell phone for a reasonable price around $200.

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    • anonymous x1 5g user
    • 4c0
    • 22 Sep 2023

    honestly this is better than most of the phones i've ever had. i've had it since early july 2021 and it's still working over 2 years later. the camera quality is decent, i love the battery life (3 days in a psych ward and i only lost 25% from it) most of all. if my blade x1 5g fails i'm highly likely to just buy another one, it's a hell of alot of phone for the cheap price (my provider now sells it for around 230usd last i checked)

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      • Anonymous
      • I8%
      • 09 Sep 2023

      JoeyRub, 14 Dec 2021Ok I'm here writing this review here, in a site that I... moreI agree with you , the phone is good for the price I have been using it for 2 years now , the issue with this phone is after you use it for 6 months or so the battery start getting weaker and weaker, ZTE placed a 4000mah battery inside this phone the battery should be at least 5000mah the other issue is as of today's date 9/9/2023 you can't upgrade the operating system it is still running android 10 and I think that's all she wrote.

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        • Anonymous
        • kCb
        • 22 Jun 2023

        Doc, 06 Mar 2022hold finger on phone icon...open phone app to unfreezeI had the same issue, on 2 phones. Stopped buying them, now setting up a new phone from a different company.

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          • WHO
          • 3pv
          • 02 Apr 2023

          Active Blade X1 User, 18 Feb 2023This phone keeps changing all my settings. Perhaps its a c... moreScam and spy services approved by your government and at extortion price.

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            • Blade user
            • IJG
            • 18 Feb 2023

            The phone is relatively new has 5G but operates on Android 10? Really 10? Android 14 has released to developers and perhaps a few devices?

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              • Active Blade X1 User
              • IJG
              • 18 Feb 2023

              This phone keeps changing all my settings. Perhaps its a chinese thing idk. I disable settings all the time, and the phone turns them back on, like location, mic, listening, camera, etc. The google settings also change and turn back on like my routine monitoring, google app monitoring other apps even my security apps and password management, and many others. The phone also keeps a record of all my other interactions with my apps, for what reason? and you can't delete with without rooting the phone. It constantly changes it back after so many day. It really sucks. no privacy.
              I dropped the phone a few times on a lenolium floor and the front glass cracked. Thought it would be tuffer, idk if that is unusual or not.
              So in close, the phone will constantly track your every move and change your off settings to on so it can monitor every aspect of your life. Sucks

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                • Dawg
                • jV{
                • 22 Dec 2022

                This ZTE Blade X1 5G is the biggest P.O.S on the market it don't receive calls goes straight to voicemail.be warned if you ever need to receive a call in an emergency won't happen. ZTE.I think they should be ashamed to put out carp like this or change their name Zero Time Emergencies. Because you may never receive that call.

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                  • Anonymous
                  • IJJ
                  • 08 Sep 2022

                  I just bought this phone and the reception sucks.

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                    • Rodney
                    • kAi
                    • 21 May 2022

                    yeah, I never do reviews but this phone sucks. Me and my wife both have it and can't wait to get rid of them. Reception sucks, Camara freezes, and when you get a call the screen stays on and from your ear rubbing on it, it changes all the settings. Probably a proximity sensor but why should I have to keep trying to fix this thing. I've had plenty of phones this was definitely the worst

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                      • Doc
                      • YH$
                      • 06 Mar 2022

                      Joey BoomBotz, 06 Mar 2022ZTE Blade X1? Sorry but NO! I have had this phone for 9 m... morehold finger on phone icon...open phone app to unfreeze

                        ZTE Blade X1? Sorry but NO! I have had this phone for 9 months since July 2021 and it is a nightmare. The four primary functions of a phone are phone, internet, text and camera. I have had major issues with two of these. Intermittently the phone stops receiving phone calls. A person will call, get a loooong period of silence and then straight to voicemail. On my end, no ring, no missed call notification, no record in history of call made to phone! Just a voicemail that pops up out of nowhere. Friends and family think I'm ignoring them. What good is a phone that doesn't receive calls! Visible provided a fix to this by resetting the phone/Wi-Fi app. After the reset you must reenter wifi systems and passwords. No fun. And then phone works for maybe a day or two then the issue recurs. Not good. Visible customer service is Webchat only. Slow and not fruitful. Frustrating.

                        Second isuue is the front camera freezes. While frozen it will not take selfies, allow video chats, or work with any facial recognition apps. This is a terrible feature to not work. I had the phone about 6 weeks when this first happened. I contacted ZTE and after much discussion we did a factory reset. This fixed the issue but two weeks later it froze again. I did another factory reset and it worked for two days. And so began a series of calls to ZTE and factory resets. Factory resets are problematic in and of themselves. Even with a clean backup there are many many things which need to be re-established in the phone to get it back to its normal operating mode. Most of you know that. Eventually, I established with the ZTE customer service that now my main problem was that I could not continue to do repeated factory resets every time the screen froze and the issue must have a more permanent fix. Finally, I agreed to mail my phone back to ZTE for evaluation and repair. I received notice from ZTE that they had received my phone and it was being processed for repair. 1 hour later I received notification that the repair was complete and they were shipping the phone back to me. I knew in my heart that the repair technician had simply done a factory reset and then said "Oh hey look it's working." And they shipped it back...FedEx ground from Texas to Reno, Nevada. I was without my phone for 12 days. And they did nothing more than a factory reset which I could have done at home. Sure enough a few hours later the screen froze again. I called ZTE customer service once again got a next level supervisor on the line and screamed bloody murder. He read the repair report and sure enough the technician had done a factory reset and noted that the front camera was now working, end of issue! NOT!The issue was having to constantly do factory resets and that issue was not fixed. The supervisor said they couldn't sit there with the phone and wait for the issue to recur so to the best of their knowledge it was fixed. He went on to talk about how this was a unique issue and they hadn't seen anything like this before. A simple Google search reveals that this is not true and I told him so. Finally ZTE agreed to replace my phone but I had to send my phone back to them again. I received my new phone in January and everything worked perfectly... until February when the front camera on the new phone also froze. ZTE simply does not know how to fix this issue so they have decided not to acknowledge that this issue exists at all. Bottom line, the ZTE Blade X1 simply does not work well especially with important features such as receiving phone calls and the front camera apps. Customer service with ZTE and Visible very difficult to deal with. Save yourself the trouble.

                          Ok I'm here writing this review here, in a site that I honestly didn't know existed till a hour ago, but while browsing online I came Across these reviews here for the phone I currently own and I'm using right now writing this review, and the reviews were mostly horrible! Heck if I didn't own one and was thinking of buying one and I saw these reviews, I'd be terrified to purchase it. But as it is, I've owned this phone now for ...... (Let me go check my visible account to exact date ...... Got it!) Over 7 months. I got it in the beginning on May. We're in December now. And this phone has been used heavily, daily, and has been blowing me away! I had a nieces wedding in the Summer, my whole family told me how freaking good n sharp my pics looked. Which phone was it?? A ZTE, A what??! So I have no idea what these people here are talking about, sounds like they either got a defective product, which happens with any brand or product almost. Or they're making it up. But my selfie camera works perfectly, I tested now to make sure after reading these reviews, I switched back n forth from back to front cameras. No glitch! Switched perfectly! My screen works perfectly, all 100% of it! And I've fallen and dropped it and banged it, God knows how many times. So idk what these reviews are about. I'm going 7 months of perfect smooth fast phone. And the hardware in it should tell you just that. It's the best hardware avail in even phones priced double than this. The only thing it comes up a little short in maybe. Is that it doesn't really have full 5G like The Samsung n apples etc do. It only has one type of 5G band, where as those have 2 (nm, and something else. Idk exactly) but still, even only this one supposedly weaker 5g band that this does have is giving me speeds WAY faster than 4G. So I guess it's good enough for me. But everywhere else this has not fallen short of any other phones costing double this does.
                          So please don't believe these outages wild claims in these horrible reviews. It's A GREAT phone!

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                            • RUSH
                            • IxR
                            • 06 Dec 2021

                            Seems that I am having some of the same problems as far as some of the screen portions, more so the bottom 3rd, not working and the selfie camera not working at all(it goes to that screen but it freezes there, nothing, absolutely nothing on the screen works).
                            Yes the specs are pretty impressive on paper for the $360 I paid for but the more I use it the more it fails. Seems the paper the specs are on is of the toilet paper variety.

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                              • Rush
                              • IxR
                              • 06 Dec 2021

                              mcbreeden, 04 Oct 2021I bought this phone from Yahoo mobile and transitioned to V... moreHello. I am having the same problem......Any updates? Thanks!

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                                • DanEnzmann
                                • kfg
                                • 15 Oct 2021

                                Purchased from Visible because it's 5G. Did not automatically change to 5G when near the antenna mast. Did not indicate 4 bars when one foot from 3 home cellular repeaters. I had the ZTE in one hand and a Samsung 10 in the other. I do not recommend because of the inability to provide reception that the Samsung did. It has great features, but ALL phones should be radio transceivers. This one performed poorly at what would seem to be its primary function.

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                                  • mcbreeden
                                  • ILE
                                  • 04 Oct 2021

                                  I bought this phone from Yahoo mobile and transitioned to Visible. About 3 months into using the phone my selfie Camera started freezing up. Clearing cache only allowed you to use rear camera until you switched back to selfie which froze the camera again. I've sent the camera back to ZTE 3 times. The 1st time they reset the phone and "updated" software. It worked for about 2 weeks or less and froze again. The 2nd time I reset the phone before sending it to them and they sent it back to me because they couldn't find anything wrong with it. Less than 2 weeks later it started freezing again. If you reset the phone to factory settings with no apps installed it will work for awhile longer. On the 3rd return they sent me a new phone. (refurbished) and it last all of a week before the new phone Selfie Camera froze on me. There is something wrong with this phone and the camera is one of the top 3 most important things about a phone. It's not worth the headache, I'm seeing more and more posts of other people suffering the same fate.

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                                    • Greg
                                    • XEY
                                    • 11 Sep 2021

                                    Bought this phone through Visible. It was their least expensive 5G phone yet still had impressive specs. The camera cache has to be cleared every time you switch from the rear camera to the front and back again to fix the crash, and it does forget the bottom 5th of the screen every now and again. I fix that by moving around icons then putting them back. It is going back for warranty repair as the proximity sensor crapped out. It is a nice phone when it works, but it isn't nearly as reliable as the Samsung phones I've had over the years. I've only had it for 3.5 months. Not the best reliability.

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                                      • Sinn
                                      • 42t
                                      • 25 Aug 2021

                                      Trash phone. Good camera but thats the only redeeming quality. Occasionally just forgets about the bottom 1/4 of the screen (button presses just randomly stop working in that area) it looses connection with and shows no bars in a place where wives phone shows 3. Apps dont actually close but remain open in the background, wont read a SD card to save its life. Ended up going through 6 of them including the one I originally had in my phone. Ended up accidentally wiping 6 years of phone pics. Never did end up reading an SD card. This phone is pure and utter trash garbage stay away!

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                                        • Havoc
                                        • IDZ
                                        • 20 Jun 2021

                                        I bought this phone through Yahoo Mobile which is on the Verizon network. About a week after getting it set up it dropped mobile service. I restarted it and it connected again. From that point on it would drop service about once a week and I'd have to restart it to get connected again.
                                        Yahoo was sold and is dropping it's mobile phone division in 2 months. They recommended switching to the Visible phone service. I did that yesterday and got the phone switched to that sim card. It connected and I was good to go. Today it dropped service again and I can't get it to reconnect no matter how many times I restart it. Going to have to exchange it or get a refund after only 4 months of ownership...