ZTE Cymbal 2

ZTE Cymbal 2

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Good phone for basics, and a little room for tweaking. Runs a version of Android 8 under the hood.

- Battery life, if you just stick to the basics.
- Call quality
- FM radio, hotspot, bluetooth
- Keypad is easy enough to use for texting-volume rockers are handy

- Speaker quality
- Stock predictive text entry. A little annoying, so I switched to an alternative
- Menu/navigation. Some commonly used features like alarm, Bluetooth, hotspot are buried quite deep in menus. Using number shortcuts in menus can move you a bit faster.

- Missing a torch, USB C
- Mute button which is smack dab in the centre of the keypad doesn't function well with the software. Volume rockers on the side are the way to go.

    it is actually a new entry here (despite being an old model), this is why it has no opins

      Wenjie , 25 Jul 2022No opinions for this fantastic flip phone?What a shame!yeah because not many people care about flip phones anymore. most people focus on smartphones nowadays

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        • Wenjie
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        • 25 Jul 2022

        No opinions for this fantastic flip phone?What a shame!