ZTE Grand S II S291

ZTE Grand S II S291

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  • Anonymous

a, 01 Dec 2014Does it have removable battery??? Any one plz help me out.For.i... moreIts mentioned that battery is non -removable

  • nil

some sites say it has 4.2 and snapdragon 800

  • Avie

Display panel is gorilla glass 3? There's no info about display.

  • a

Does it have removable battery???
Any one plz help me out.For.it is told it has nonremovable battery.
Another thing does it work usb host??

  • snjeev

guys in india it comes with snapdragon 800 processer 2.2ghz MSM8674-1 quad core and 2500mah battery and front 5mp

  • raja

Phone_Maniac, 24 Nov 2014Are they even planning to upgrade it to kit kat? I was so let do... moreThey have already rolled out Android 4.4.2 Kitkat and are now working on Android 5.0 Lolipop update for the device.

  • Phone_Maniac

Are they even planning to upgrade it to kit kat? I was so let down on seeing the os version

  • s291user

AnonD-317012, 10 Oct 2014Why ZTE did not have built in playstore? How can we install app ... moreHi man, get your device rooted and then feom there, u flash there gapps.zip for jellybean. There are also custom rom which already rooted with gapps, google is your best friend now. Til then mate :)

  • AnonD-317012

Why ZTE did not have built in playstore? How can we install app from store? I tried to install playstore.apk but it was not worked finally. Do anyone know how to change this ZTE Grand SII firmware or install playstore?

  • Anonymous

The phone is awesome!!! It's fast very fast and the battery is very very good. You can do whaterver you want to.

  • GrandS2user

I swapped away my Sammy S4 for this one and I never regret it. No doubt, feature wise S4 won down the list but how often are we going to utilize all the sensors...such as temperature, humidity and more? The rest of it, this Grand S II beat off Sammy S4 every way of it. To begin with...

1) Display...great, sharp but down side is slightly dimmer compare with S4 during 50% brightness. So gotta adjust a bit more up to around 70% depend on individuals. We can adjust the display preference such as Natural, Colourful and Gorgeous. Natural is a bit off and less saturated, Colourful is on the typical position of all IPS screen characteristic while Gorgeous, whole display become very vivid to look at :) I turned mine to Colourful.

2) Hardware (Processor, Ram) : Powered by Snapdragon 801 @ 2.3Ghz, this thing run fluidly on everything (almost). I'm playing Lionheart Tactic now and I can notice this very obvious. On S4, everytime I quit/closed the game, the UI will facing hiccup and lag while this Grand S II is running fluidly like nothing happened.

3) Sound & Volume, no doubt, S4 is the clear winner in term of loudness and clarity on ear piece but Grand S II isn't far from it :)

4) GPS...I can tell u it locked up way way faster than S4 with its so called GLONASS. I tested it in my room near to window and ZTE able to locked up 14 satelites in a very short time...about 20-30sec if I remembered ;)

5) Camera...yeah, this beast is equipped with a 13mpxl sensor from Sony. Quality wise may vary because I noticed S4 is better on lowlight situation but on well lit area, both performed almost the same and best of it, ZTE's camera has got an adjustable Metering to help us get a better exposure in overall shooting experience :) Other than that, nothing special on its Camera but it's a decent one, yes.

6) Weight & size...i used to carry a Note II so I can say not much difference between these two :)

7) The rest & conclusion, I don't really fancy nor care about how other users whining about how bad this ZTE is...maybe the unit they got is a "lemon unit" but not on mine. Mine working flawlessly and very satisfying using it.

Hope my small review helps ;) cheers!

  • AnonD-288781

Awesome device. Maybe it doesn't look good on pics but in real life it looks great(Some might have different choice) but i like it this way.

Performance wise it's a beast of a phone.

  • flosmall

rk, 19 Jun 2014i am looking forward to buy if. Let me know if any other is comp... moreit is not good looking but the price worth the specifications

  • Nil

Is this a gud handset ?

  • borko

Very good characteristics, but the design is 1/10 - it's going to kill the phone.

  • rk

i am looking forward to buy if. Let me know if any other is comparable with this phone

  • AnonD-275338

There are no nfc function on zte grand s ii.

  • raf

Been using past few weeks..no complaints...feeling good using this phone..great phone by zte..a lot of free
gifts if buying from great seller...

  • anthonycss

Owner of grand S2 and been with the phone for more than over a month, got it on 1st May. So far so good and had no complain on it, and it only cost me around 335 usd with shipping included and other freebies and extra accessories I ordered.

For those who had no dont own the phone and concluded it had bad battery, I dont think its an appropriate comment. From my gsam reading, my highest SOT is capable to reach 8 hour+, where average is around 6 and half hours to around 7 hours with battery saving disable. Continuously gaming will only able to reach around 4 and half hours though.

  • TreasonWei

It has removable Li-Ion 3100 mAh battery