ZTE Kis V788

ZTE Kis V788

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  • Anonymous

got this phone yesterday-very suprised 2 c that the manual has such few pages in english. i like to read everything-yes i admit im not very fast with a new phone,but i dont think thats a crime. gone bac 2 my trusty samsung GT-S5620 til i can work new 1 out. is there any instructions up on line- does anyone know? THNS

  • Rita

Hello, can someone tell me please where the option is to stop the keypad from dropping down and sending the text messages before you've finished typing them out?

  • anakrino

Usual Android fare... barely a day's battery life even with simple internet use. calling and texting ok if you can find a signal. I compared this with a samsung feature phone and a very simple cheap nokia and it came bottom on signal strength. 3G was hopeless, 2G worked better online! The music player is not very good, the volume is quite moderate. I tried a few EQ apps from Google Play but with little success. You can soup it up with cool themes and ringtones all you like but as one reviewer said here, the memory is not wonderful and therefore its not very strong. Rather big to hold too. As an entry level - and very very cheap - android smartphone its worth the money but take your charger with you if you go out :-)

  • gladys

Anishraj, 18 Jul 2012As a user of this phone i can say its a great device You cannot ... moreis the battery can last long?

  • gladys

in some reviews it has a front vga camera...what is true?

  • gladys

Anishraj, 18 Jul 2012As a user of this phone i can say its a great device You cannot ... morei already ordered this phone at lazada.com..i think this phone is really great and so much affordable..

  • karenmae

i want to buy this phone but i not yet sure. i'm still thing phone is better zte kis or mix walkman of sony????? i red the ipinions from mix walk that there is no file manager..

  • Freeplay66

This phone is fast no lag, it's release here in the philippines

  • Anonymous

C.shiva annur, 03 Mar 2012When will Come in India ??you can get this phone in India. it is available now. but mst India had rebranded it as MTS MTAG 352. price is only 6499, and you get 3 months free unlimited data, 1 month free subscribtion of Mts Tv etc etc...better than HTc wildfire, galaxy ace atleast for the price you paid. speaker is a little low that's the only drawback I had. support flash player 10+

  • Julien

The device is with Virgin in the UK and only comes with GB

  • Anonymous

Can't believe it has ICS if it is equipped with only 256 MB RAM. It would be struggling even with GB on board.

  • Koli123

C.shiva annur, 03 Mar 2012When will Come in India ??If u want to buy this phone u need to contact service provider .its not yet came in india .

  • Anishraj

As a user of this phone i can say its a great device You cannot find a better phone for the money. This phone is fantastic. It's thin, solidly built, very brisk to respond, and It's fast and easy to use.I should first mention that sound quality for voice calls is very good. I haven't had any problems with phone..

  • Anonymous

Work for a Mobile Phone Retailer and handset does not have ICS (Android v. 4.0) on it. Infact it only has 2.3.6.

  • uk

costs 50 GBP in the UK!

  • Koli123

Happy to say that ZTE hav lauched a new ZTEKis with Android OS, v4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)it has a very good speed in OS one of my frnd is using this mobile iam also planing to buy this mobile ph and the software problems can be solved easily by visiting ZTE official website and i like to share the software link:ww.zteuk.co.uk,click Devices-->Product List(choose models here)-->Product support

  • Koli123

C.shiva annur, 03 Mar 2012When will Come in India ??The service has not started yet in India

  • paul

Released in Taiwan as TWM Amazing A1


Qualcomm 7225A 800Mhz CPU 5MP Camera
Android 2.3 BUT MiUi User Interface (First with Stock MiUi I know)

Spec to go against Galaxy Ace May be....

And Hey!! It's only $135US($3990TWD)

  • C.shiva annur

When will Come in India ??