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  • Rammohan
  • 7tP
  • 29 Jan 2022

My Nubia 541j switched off & not charging. After replacing a charging kit, it started & worked for 1 year. Later same problem, again replaced same part. After some days battery is discharging immediately down to zero when it is at below 40% level. Inspite of much search, I could not get original battery due to non-availability. Lastly another brand Micromax battery got replaced to it, it worked only 1 week, but later the mobile switched off & not opened. A repairer replaced small charging part, it worked only 1 week. Then it is no now switched off & mobile is not not opening now, kept aside. The repairers are cheating because of non-availability of parts. Kindly advise me for a genuine repairer at Hyderabad or give me a suitable advise for its rectification.

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    • shashankar
    • DkY
    • 27 Jan 2020

    I have nubia NB1 541J mobile. I want to purchase 5000mAH battery . Where I got it. please inform

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      • Anonymous
      • PFH
      • 27 Dec 2018

      Past 1.5 years i am using this nubia n1 super fast and awesome performance observed, 5000mah battery withstanding 2 days for heavy usage and split screen option is the key and main feature in this segment. Thanks ZTE mobiles

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        • Ravi, Pune
        • rJd
        • 08 Oct 2018

        PLEASE RE-THINK BEFORE BUYING ZTE PHONE IN INDIA!! There is absolutely no support on updates in India. My mobile Nubia N1 hangs and I get repeated warnings for "Install System Update". When I try to update the phone gives a message "not enough memory, use external card". The call center guys shamelessly say that "there is no update for N1 from ZTE and they have no information on when update will come". This is happening for past 1 year!! Authorized Service Franchise says the same thing. There is no "grievance officer or India Service Manager" in this company who can be accessed other than call center guys, it seems. VERY POOR support.

          • A
          • Adaikalam
          • D02
          • 10 Jul 2018

          My mobile call recording option is no

            • r
            • raj
            • XP5
            • 13 Jun 2018

            worst mobile company in the world no service nothing of these phones.....

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              • pawar
              • PTS
              • 12 Jan 2018

              Very low voice thr speaker. what do to?
              charger provided with mobile was very low.

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                • sonu007
                • f}g
                • 11 Jan 2018

                Salman, 01 May 2017Network issue the mobile how to solve this?? No service and emergency calls problem in my nubia n1 nx541j

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                  • AbdulKayyum
                  • rAU
                  • 09 Dec 2017

                  Worst thing is New update has removed Cal Recording which is duisgusting
                  I hate this Such Begger Mobile company can't give a Normal App Which is available in each and every mobile
                  Why to pay 11600 just for there pee
                  Redmi Is Great Than This
                  Pls don't purchase this phone which has spelled himself to google for just a single call recorder..... Chutiyas

                    • D
                    • AnonD-719889
                    • gNR
                    • 02 Dec 2017

                    Sound "quality very very poor very bad plz solution zte L.T.D

                      • k
                      • kutty
                      • fC{
                      • 15 Nov 2017

                      sonu, 15 Aug 2017nope ..i tried but it did not work ...dono wht to do ..Need update the screen mirring option

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                        • User
                        • gMD
                        • 04 Nov 2017

                        Nice phone but my google play games is not working in my phone....what should. I do?

                          • W
                          • Wilde
                          • D01
                          • 19 Oct 2017

                          Anonymous, 19 Oct 2017It's one of the worst mobile phone with wrong information i... moreGive me a solution

                            • ?
                            • Anonymous
                            • D01
                            • 19 Oct 2017

                            It's one of the worst mobile phone with wrong information it's isn't work 5000mah battery life it just acts as 1000-1500 mah friens..... Be aware

                              • c
                              • chandru
                              • U{U
                              • 11 Oct 2017

                              marvelous phone forever me, gud battery back up, good display clarity, totally fantastic mobile for me.

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                                • sukh
                                • X{G
                                • 06 Oct 2017

                                Suresh, 04 Jun 2017My Nubia N1 works Right side speaker only Left side speaker... moreonly the one speaker in this phone

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                                  • virat muruga
                                  • fC{
                                  • 02 Oct 2017

                                  sandy , 17 Jan 2017Hi sunny very good questions but I have one doubt is this s... moreHai friend ..am Muruganantham i will clear both you doubts. I purchased nubia n1 last weak. It's support not supporting 4g only . Also it's support jio volte it's accepted volte level. It's great smartphone i am happy. You need just jio SIM put at the SIM 1 then your mobile click to once reset setting it's automatically support volte

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                                    • dub
                                    • 7kM
                                    • 24 Sep 2017

                                    The only issue with this phone is the loudspeaker volume , even ringtone sounds low.

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • KS6
                                      • 20 Sep 2017

                                      Anonymous, 27 Jul 2017Screen sharing feature with smart tv available...??? Plz te... moreYes

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                                        • AnonD-696629
                                        • KSh
                                        • 04 Sep 2017

                                        santhosh, 14 Jun 2017is the correct choice to buy a nubia n1No