ZTE nubia Pad 3D

ZTE nubia Pad 3D

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  • xHY
  • 07 Mar 2024

There's a new version of this tablet with Snapdragon 8 Gen 2. Hope that GSMArena will make an entry of it.

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    • DxW
    • 20 Feb 2024

    Wow this is an cool device

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      • snP
      • 10 Nov 2023

      stefanw1337, 04 May 2023Network, it has WiFi, right?WIFI only device,Has 3D app

        Xiaomi Pad 6/5 or ZTE Axon Pad better. Unless you need 3D.

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          • stefanw1337
          • nhX
          • 04 May 2023

          Network, it has WiFi, right?

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            • sva
            • JIa
            • 27 Apr 2023

            IMHO it looks most balanced for CPU/GPU/inches/Resolution/Battery at complex. And 3D doesn't matter.
            Direct competitor on IPS is Xiaomi Pad 5 Pro 12.4. Others are on OLED/AMOLED with its PWM and firing-eye colors; or with Mediatek/Kirin CPU which are not best for gaming. OK, 12GB RAM available in Xiaomi Pad 5 Pro 12.4, you'll say. Yes, but MIUI eating up to 3GB for itself so there is not big advantage. At the bottom line, ZTE made well-tuned 888 Snap in Nubia Z40S Pro without throttling, so we can hope for same or better perfomance on Nubia Pad. How many devices equipped with throttling Snapdragon 8/8+ Gen 1?
            Xiaomi Pad 5 Pro - 11" with Snap 870+Adreno 660 for 1600x2560.
            Xiaomi Pad 6 Pro - same 870+660 for bigger resolution 1800x2880 = lower gaming perfomance.
            Real three weak points of Nubia Pad: no cellular data (LTE), no 12/16GB RAM versions, UFS 3.1 instead of 4.0.

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              • Anonymous
              • C$U
              • 19 Apr 2023

              BMHater12, 14 Apr 2023Who the hell wants cellular on a tablet? many do, it is incredibly useful not having to use your phone's hotspot

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                • therock
                • 60$
                • 17 Apr 2023

                Don't you see it's come w/ 3Ddisplay?!?

                  1300 seriously ZTE you gonna charge that much for a LCD display with a 2 year old dated processor bruh 😭

                    OTOTEN, 12 Apr 2023haha Snapdragon 888 and no cellular at that price. I rather... moreWho the hell wants cellular on a tablet?

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                      • OTOTEN
                      • ImA
                      • 12 Apr 2023

                      haha Snapdragon 888 and no cellular at that price. I rather get the ipad m2 chip with cellular :O

                        Super Android 22, 11 Apr 2023Probably not, it's about 10 years too late. Cool tech ... moreYes but 2000US ipads have something called good cameras...like really good cameras plus an even better display...amoled to be exact.

                          Stefan96, 11 Apr 2023That price is crazy. Shouldn't be above 500$ Should be at least 700US..most expensive piece of equipment are the 3d front cameras

                            That price is crazy. Shouldn't be above 500$

                              AlienWalker, 03 Mar 2023do anyone Know what contryes it is comming to? "ZTE nubia Pad 3D is available in the following countries and regions. Note that shipping will start later this month.

                              Europe: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain (50 of 52 provinces), Sweden, United Kingdom
                              Middle East: Israel, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates
                              Asia Pacific: Australia, Hong Kong SAR, Indonesia, Japan, Macao SAR, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam
                              Africa: South Africa (8 of 9 provinces)"

                              Info is from GSMarena.

                                Jemlim, 17 Mar 2023It's 2023, 3D glasses has already passed. Sure this ca... moreProbably not, it's about 10 years too late. Cool tech though and if they can release their own apps to work with the screen it could have some use cases. For me its more the screen real estate is great for work productivity and gaming tbh vs conventional 16:9 displays and if its got decent speskers then a great content consumption device (people buy £1400 ipad pros and £2000 macbooks for just content consumption lol so this is a steal haha).

                                  Awkweirdo , 03 Apr 2023SD888 for USD 1199? 🤣🤣🤣🤣Yeah, QHD 12.4 inch 120hz 16:10 display with real time 3d conversion wjth quad cam set up for 3d capturing (dual selfie and dual back cams). SD 888 is a perfectly fine SoC specially in a tablet so whats your issue? Also gsm gets the prices wrong a lot of the time or get it right for 1 marketplace. How much do you expect it to cost?

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                                    • Awkweirdo
                                    • K7i
                                    • 03 Apr 2023

                                    SD888 for USD 1199? 🤣🤣🤣🤣

                                      Every nowadays tablet should have cellular connectivity as standard, this is useless out of my home.

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                                        • GNP
                                        • bCd
                                        • 25 Mar 2023

                                        The Glasses free 3D device i dreamed of is finally here. But the price is high. if it is priced below 600$ or even less. i will consider to buy.