ZTE nubia Red Magic 3s

ZTE nubia Red Magic 3s

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  • AnonD-732843

MagicMonkeyBoy, 17 Feb 2020Just bought this phone a few days ago... This thing is a smar... more" Pumped with steroids and given an overdose of redbull " is exactly what humanity needs to avoid just like a plague and eat real food void of any artificial mutant laboratory made chemicals injected into like a test rat...

The above applies to everything, including this phone which is basically another clone of a mix of other phones as most of them are anyway nowadays.

Many things yes, but not everything about this phone appear to be very very good as you'd say.

It is obviously better than the iPhone, don't even get me started on this devil's apple, lol..

This phone is definitely not recommended nor is on the wish list for the specified advanced user which you are referring to. Advanced users REQUIRE a microsd card slot, a IR blaster and even a radio - 3 key to look for points which mean an automatic no to the aforementioned advanced user if one or 2 or even all 3 are missing..

A technically minded user will always go for the best all arounder. To which the crown can only go to the Note9 / Note10+ ... Only...

Novices/average/casual/medium gamers actually deserve this phone to be blatantly honest with you as custom ROM support is non-existant or scruffy at its best not to mention the locked bootloader which is an automatic no for a TECHNICAL MINDSET.

  • Unknown

Nubia sucks until now no update for my redmagic 3

Just bought this phone a few days ago...

This thing is a smartphone that has been pumped with steroids and given an overdose of redbull.

Everything about this phone is very very good.

The cameras are actually very good. Night mode and video and very very good.

The screen is amazing...

No iPhone 11 Pro can even touch this... I have compared.

Stock android is perfect. Admittedly it's possible to come across a little bug or two.

But if anyone wants a huge boost in gaming performance... And wants 1st place or the highest rankings/scores... This phone I personally prefer over the rog phone 2... Some scores suggest that the red magic is more powerful. But depends which source...

This phone I recommend for the advanced user. Most people that complain are probably novice gamers. Or people looking for more of a camera phone or more of a conventional/traditional flagship type of device.

This phone is for the hardcore gamer.

For any serious hardcore gamer out there. This phone will blow your socks off.

It can get a little warm when your killing 26+ out 40 for call of duty, over and over and over again for hours on maximum settings.

I cannot get this thing to overheat. I can get it warm. But for gaming for a handful of constant hours... This phone will give you constant and above perfect game play.

It really has by far the upper hand over the more conventional / traditional handsets... That cooling system is just epic... Happy gaming for hours.... :-)

I recommend this phone to only hardcore gamers coupled with a technical mindset.... Only... Novices/average/casual/medium gamers will not deserve this phone... As I say... Only for hardcore extreme gamers with technical mindsets.... Sorry. Just being honest.

  • 88jo

Why it show sd 855 instead sd855+ in cpu-z? Am i missing something here? And it show as Red Magic 3 in antutu not red magic 3s? I'm quite sure i bought the 3s, physically it's 3s(the Y air intake and Red Magic 3S sign in back of phone) sorry if im asking stupid question

  • efriz

Saint, 15 Jan 2020The battery drain so fast . . .i dont think so , maybe drain fast because many apps running and use data network om poor signal

  • Love the Community

Futre thoughts, 17 Dec 2019great device. rog copied from redmagic 3. and now they came wit... moreWhat a troll. ASUS never copies anybody, including the Red Magic. RoG team designed it by themselves.

  • Saint

The battery drain so fast . . .

  • Anonymous

Rachel, 18 Dec 2019Anyone here facing issues with the call receiver? I can hear d o... moreIt can be your network settings. First restart your phone this can often fix the issue especially if your network has updated settings. If that didn't work phone them.

  • Super zero

August last update. Newly launching mobiles patch work very late. Next how can we purchase

  • Rachel

Anyone here facing issues with the call receiver? I can hear d other side but they can't hear me during a call regardless WiFi call or normal line call. Can someone please advise what I cud do, or shall I just send it bk to for servicing?

  • Futre thoughts

great device. rog copied from redmagic 3. and now they came with 3s. when you play games you can understand power of a redmagic 3 and 3s. great devices.but no popularity. but comparing 3 ,3s is much much better in all ways. single camera disadvantage. gaming unbelievable

  • Futre thoughts

Why August update. And its 9.O

  • Steve

Anonymous, 07 Dec 2019Does anyone else have the problem that when u put on a screen pr... moreI have the same problem. Only started after I applied the screen protector I purchased from Nubia...

  • Anonymous

nice Specs for the Nubia Red Magic 3S

  • Don'tShootMe

Kimi, 07 Dec 2019Best phone ever hands downI hope so just purchased one waiting for delivery

  • Anonymous

Does anyone else have the problem that when u put on a screen protector when u call your screen goes black I know it's to do with the Proximity sensor but how do I disable it

  • Kimi

Don'tShootMe, 04 Dec 2019Lmfao Best phone ever hands down

  • Don'tShootMe

The_Expert., 11 Sep 20191. NO Card Slot 2. NO Radio 3. VERY Big in Size!!! All thes... moreLmfao

  • VoltZ

AcanWaluh, 26 Nov 2019This is Fake 855+ tf u mean =))) ?

  • AcanWaluh

This is Fake 855+