ZTE nubia Red Magic 5G

ZTE nubia Red Magic 5G

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Kuya mong Jay, 06 Nov 2020what is the screen protection of this phone? what gorilla g... more5

  • Zero

BUNTY, 25 Oct 2020i am using this phone last 7 days . excellent working, no l... moreTime life of this phone is like 3 months, after this u will get a lot of lag in pubg or other game))

  • The Shadow

I am using this phone 5 months and my comment is DON'T BUY IT because software is buggy, games with HD graphics and 60fps Blocks the screen and you need to wait to restart itself, if u don't talk with headphones noone can hear you and much more bugs......
Very very bad bad bad

any news for update android 11??

  • Kuya mong Jay

what is the screen protection of this phone? what gorilla glass is it?

  • AppAlpha

Is there any possible way to create nubia account outside of China for nubia play which was originally purchased from China directly?


i am using this phone last 7 days . excellent working, no lack, even in pubg hot drop

  • Dawidos

After using it for 4 months my phone start lagging. Doesn't matter if playing on wifi or mobile network. Light sensor is just bad. Need to turn auto brightness off when is dark

  • GrimClawz

Is there any way to designate a new homepage it was hard enough to create new pages on the phone because you can only create pages on the right hand side as there is the news app thing on the left hand side of the homepage, I finally got five pages set up which I want but I want my home page in the middle cuz I like to scroll two to the right for certain things in two to the left for certain things and I don't mind that newest thing being there as long as it's all the way at the end of the two screens I set to the left. But I cannot seem to find a single way to set one of my pages as the new designated homepage if anyone can help me out with this I would appreciate it more than you would know.

  • Kaguya

Peck, 24 Sep 2020Got it since launch. Got 3 updates, waiting for androi 11 t... moreHow your nubia red magic 5g? Any problems with games ghost touches, lags or heating issues? Im asking since you have the phone since launched.

Peck, 24 Sep 2020You must be kidding right ? Battery is the best by far comp... moreHi, im using this phone from Turkey. My of screen time also so bad. Max 4-5 hours. Version is Europe V4.13

How can i get better battery life?

  • Peck

raycon , 01 May 2020does anyone owns this phone? how is it, did you encounter a... moreGot it since launch. Got 3 updates, waiting for androi 11 to arrive. Due soon. All the software bugs have been corrected. Just an amazing phone. (Canada). No regrets at all !

  • Peck

Hanif Fikri, 01 May 2020Gaming phone no card slot? Also the battery life sucks...You must be kidding right ? Battery is the best by far compared to everything i have tested. 8h30 of screen time and still have 20% to go....

  • Anonymous

The docking station not support data transfer. So it cannot be used for screen capture for Livestream.
I wish the docking support it, so it much easier for streaming.

  • Ashxjay

Vadim460, 02 Aug 2020I ordered the red magic 5G ,must say that the delivery was ... moreHow many days did you wait? Did u order with priority shipping method?
Bcuz they said that priority will took 1 day of process then they will send me the track number but its been 4 days since i didn't receive any track# and they still processing it....
I guess they have bad services now

  • Crazy Seed

Bought the phone recently, and it is beautiful and powerful.
But... I have some questions about the audio:

- i feel that with earphones, volume is only above average and not loud or very loud.
- i feel that the call volume is also not loud or very loud and quality lacks some deep sound, making it hard to understand some words in phonecalls.

Is it just me feeling this?, I had the idea that this phone had great audio not only in speakers but also in earphones and calls, but i'm feeling the opposite here.

Comparing the earphone and calling audio quality+volume vs Asus Rog 2/3, what you can tell me?. Should i switch?


  • Anonymous

I ordered two of this phone and received both phones . Please note that one of the phone is good but the other one has so many issues.
One of them is all video I watch do lag. Youtube, Instagram, normal videos.
The voice of the video keep going on but the picture lags stops moving and acts weirdly until the video continues but the sound won't match the picture then goes back to lagging.
The other problem is WhatsApp. Whenever I try to use WhatsApp on the web it stops working on my phone whilst not working on computer. I can't send or receive messages at that time until I restart my phone.

Please note that those problems only exist in one of the units very weird

If anyone can help in the matter
I'd be thankful

Dear Please tell me how I can disable the drop-down manue on lock screen. Kindly help me regarding this issue.

  • Vadim460

I ordered the red magic 5G ,must say that the delivery was very fast to Israel (couple days).
Also, the quality of the product is great! I love it! Not just for gaming (that is also crazy!!),for an overall phone- is very easy to adjust and use, the 144hz screen keeps me happy every time I use it, the RGB Lights also gets me some compliments when going outside with it,the speakers...oh the speakers are awesome and have very clear sound.
Nubia keeps surprising me with their products and my friend just can't keep stay relaxed with the device in their hands,when they see my new phone 😉
Thank you !

  • Jex

Can i still use the docking station for red magic 3 to the new red magic 5g? Anyone can answer?