ZTE nubia Red Magic 6 Pro

ZTE nubia Red Magic 6 Pro

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  • Zxc274

DesertStorm, 03 Oct 2021I purchased my na nubia rm 6 last march, now its internal f... moreI bought the rm6 pro, it's lasted me ages (6 months+), and it's still working absolutely fine. If you take proper care of your devices, making sure not to overheat or damage your phone, it can last a while; mine did.

  • DesertStorm

I purchased my na nubia rm 6 last march, now its internal fan is broken see the link on youtube https://youtu.be/DYb3PTmO3ig
Do you also experience this???

  • Tofi

Im thinking of buying this i think base on the comments it has a lot of issues specially the new update. Sad that RM is not doing anything to fix this..

  • Bot

LeandroRech , 06 Aug 2021I cant even play with 120 fps when people with less powerfu... moreIf your game allows it then you can play on 120 fps, that's all you need to know

  • ranger

if the nM is high the more battery consuming right?

  • Anonymous

HUNTERS GAMING YT, 21 Jul 2021In this gaming phone the pubg running is good but there is ... morei experience this with my Blackshark 2 pro but only when playing with the charger cable plugged in. it goes away once i remove the cable

  • epol buddy

my RM6 cannot make and recieve a call at sometime...need to restart phone..after that u can recieve call..wtf..do i need to restartt every time??

  • King

Please anyone tell me red magic 6 pro hide esp or not

  • Anonymous

Miami, 11 Jun 2021I have the same problem with Oppo Reno 4 pro. The problem c... moreI have this problem on my Red Magic 3S for sure a software problem it needs a update

  • Rome

It's a shame this device doesn't have expandable memory.

  • I.am.Molly

anon, 07 Apr 2021Because nubia is a chinese company so of course they priori... more😂😂😂😂 snapdragon to demselves then exynos to the world 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️

I cant play with 165fps , and not even 120 fps correct , even when less powerfull cellphone can play with 144 fps ... there is something that I can change , anything? I am so.confused how this is happening

  • LeandroRech

I cant even play with 120 fps when people with less powerfull cellphones can ... 165 fps, dont even in a Dream. Someone know if there is something i can change in the Phone to resolve this???

  • Bager

After upfate 3.23 phone got crazy,had cooling fun problem ,they didnt fix any notifications and red dots on icon,i am very sad ,dont buy red magic they dont have any after sale support

  • James

Avoid updating V3. 23 the software update make the UI shit and unable to prompt to normal home button like all other phone crap support service


In this gaming phone the pubg running is good but there is a problem of screen vibration. while you use joystick to move as long as move your aiming and hold that aim position at that time the screen vibrates a lots. how to fix this problem anybody knew about this????

  • haja

is this water proof

Anonymous, 26 Jun 2021I have redmagic6 for pubg mobile but its not support 90fps ....Because it's not updated... Last week PUBG updated 90 fps in NUBIA, ROG, ETC..

  • Bager

Now in the marker 6 pro prices goes down, i. Bought mine on aliexpres for 729$ and 50$ shiping, here now in dubai 620$ , bluetooh on wsap not working , my rm5g was 10 timess better then 6pro, 16 rab but it works like 2gb ram, pubg no habe 90 fps

  • Bager

Anonymous, 07 Jul 2021Same here but i have 6 pro with 16 gb ram just bought it op... moreI am also 6 pro user and before rm5g , 5g better then 6pro, 6pro habe software problems new message alerts not showing on lock screen, never ever again nubia