ZTE nubia Watch

ZTE nubia Watch

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  • Anonymous

annoying customer, 31 Jul 2020another spyware product look Nubia alpha nothing change hmmmDo you want to be safe from companies spying on you? Alright! Here are many tips from me:

- Don't use any smartphone or devices with recording functions or internet connection!

- Use old TV's only!

- No smartwatches for you either!

- Don't go outside, someone could make a photo of you!

- Don't forget the tin foil hat!

etc. etc.

another spyware product look Nubia alpha nothing change hmmm

  • Anonymous

Snapdragon Wear 2100 must be a mistake?! This is years out of date tech. Since then there has been 2500, 2800, 3100 and 4100 and 4100+ so why would they be SIX generations out of date with their chipset? Zzzzzzz... don't even waste your time with this.

Ip rating? Or no resistance in 2020 gear?

This is a very niche product. But atleast they are trying something new