ZTE nubia Z11 mini S

ZTE nubia Z11 mini S

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  • Anonymous

Does anyone know if this phone comes with notification LED?

  • AnonD-605759

Where I can buy ?

  • mas_play

when it releases in Indonesia

  • AnonD-604359

haw to by

  • Anonymous

when is going to be released in spain?

  • AnonD-602707

ana, 21 Oct 2016And price?!US $240

  • ana

And price?!

  • Peaceaim

I like the idea of decent camera in mid or low spec hardware. Other manufacturers should follow this idea. There are some users who like to have good camera phone at low budget.

  • aleale

Good spec for the price, comments on ZTE Nubia UI? It`s easy to use? I read it`s kind of a bad copy of an iphone.
Since I never had a chinese android phone or an iphone ( im still using my old friend nexus 5),in the same price range and max 5.2", should i wait for it or go with Honor 864gb (release on 10/26 in us market?

  • coyz

No OIS is for me not good at all...I would rather get the regular z11

  • Nickhawk

Not bad, but the lack of barometric sensor and IR port, will keep it away from me. May be the one...

  • AnonD-599382

AnonD-521036, 18 Oct 2016Second opinion Snap 625!!! Price about $300 Not bad!Where did you find it?!

  • AnonD-214041

thats what i need 5.2! all looks superb for 300$, im in!

  • Karlstein

I think this will beat ASUS Zenfone 3 (SD625 with RAM 4GB) at the market. #IMO

  • AnonD-521036

Second opinion

Snap 625!!!

Price about $300

Not bad!