ZTE nubia Z18

ZTE nubia Z18

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  • sayabosanhidup

i always feel that nubia phones are
on the forefront of many innovation

their phones are sturdy n beautiful
have a total of 4 zte nubia phones

  • Billy

Starsplash, 17 Sep 2018There is every good reason that there will be a global vers... moreNubia was ZTE's brand for India but they've not released any of the new Nubia phones there and Xiaomi has pretty much taken their market now.

This looks like a good phone but for China only.

  • Khalid

What fps in slow motion

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

jodjykahao, 20 Sep 2018I like the phone6inches? Well I guess it is a phablet then, 7 or more its clearly a tablet! O3O

  • miyu

very nice design

  • Appare

Kula, 17 Sep 2018People who have bought and used the phone have reported tha... moreApparently, there's no infrared. However, there is nfc.

  • jodjykahao

I like the phone

I really like the design (colors) of back panel.

  • Anonymous


am only interested in 6.3 inches screen size and above with nothing less than 4500mAh battery. its 2018. battery size is very important

Only 128GB thats bad or a flagship.
Anyway good phone.

so a van gogh smartphone

all this was missing was damn sd card slot

  • Starsplash

There is every good reason that there will be a global version or international version. Like the Nubia Red Magic as you've seen the international version available. I believe ZTE or under the Nubia brand there will be more devices become available globally and internationally. With ZTE and the Nubia brand, they need recoup profit from all the recent burdens from the us government. It is logical that ZTE and Nubia brand will move forward and regain a market for there smartphone portfolio. We all know that Xiaomi and Vivo and Oppo and OnePlus are doing very well globally.

  • Kula

Sollar, 13 Sep 2018I just checked (again) their Chinese official page (transla... morePeople who have bought and used the phone have reported that NFC and Infrared are on the phone :)

needsmartfon, 05 Sep 2018Should I get this or the ZTE Axon 9 Pro? Disregarding pr... moreThe Axon 9 has much better specs, but the Z18 probably has a better camera and design. Choose what you want. If you want stereo speakers and are okay with a big notch, Axon 9. Design and camera, Z18

Kyla, 09 Sep 2018Z18 comes with a GIGANTIC IR blaster on the top. Gsmarena f... moreHi, Where you find the info about IR ? I checked in their official site, found no info about IR. And in JD official site, they said :

Infrared remote control
not support

  • Sollar

Kula, 09 Sep 2018It does. Go to their Chinese main website. It's on their te... moreI just checked (again) their Chinese official page (translated). There is absolutely no mention of NFC. If you have any other information please link

Kula, 09 Sep 2018It has both according to Nubia official specs. :)Ok

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

Where is jack? ;_;