ZTE nubia Z7

ZTE nubia Z7

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  • bertoa
  • nXr
  • 06 Mar 2017

I got this Z7 now for 2 years. No problems so far. Actualy it is a good choice with a wide scale of functions.

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    • Conway Stark
    • 3Uw
    • 17 Feb 2017

    Bought the Z7 for 140 EUR and I am very disappointed. The camera is trash, do not believe the specs. Try to make a photo with flashlight and you will see there is a shutter lag (flashlight is faded when shutter starts to work). Therefore pics are dark always. Youtube standard app is not working (no connection message). Language support is a mess (mixed texts). Old Android 4.1.

      • D
      • AnonD-550730
      • Lk2
      • 19 Jun 2016

      Hi, I have a Z7 Max and it has a water crash, Just buy a new display in aliexpress, and fix it, display and touchscreen are clueded. The camera is clueded too... Don't crash it when fixing. Cya.

        • T
        • Tara
        • u7I
        • 18 May 2016

        I have Nubia 27, but after using 1 and half year its touch screen not working. Please confirm from where i can repaire.

          • M
          • Mani
          • XNa
          • 17 May 2015

          poor battery....with big screen,4g...wont come for half day also...

            • A
            • Anil Kumar
            • vwm
            • 07 Apr 2015

            You can buy this phone from ebay.com & amazon.com, And this is amazing phone, very good phone.

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              • Anonymous
              • ftN
              • 16 Mar 2015

              Please I am in Cameroon. how do I buy this ZTE Nubia Z7 phone?

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                • Anonymous
                • HCH
                • 06 Feb 2015

                turtleman, 03 Oct 2014Does anyone know where z7 can be ordered fromamazon 250 ps

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                  • unknown
                  • rfZ
                  • 24 Jan 2015

                  Where can i get it?
                  Is it available in the US?
                  How much?

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                    • debs
                    • fuN
                    • 11 Jan 2015

                    is this device in the Nigeria market?

                    Where in Nigeria can we find it?

                    Whats the value?


                      • m
                      • muaaji
                      • nC6
                      • 04 Jan 2015

                      what if nubia z7 not supports goohle play store

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                        • ARY JOENTAK
                        • 61V
                        • 01 Dec 2014

                        does this item have been release in singapore? let me know where you have been release this item.

                          • R
                          • Rado
                          • JEv
                          • 25 Nov 2014

                          Supposed to be launched in June or July ! Whats the problem ! Why the delay

                            • D
                            • AnonD-333512
                            • 7wA
                            • 20 Nov 2014

                            Colossus, 31 Oct 2014Will this be released in the Philippines?May be later.

                              • C
                              • Colossus
                              • i}2
                              • 31 Oct 2014

                              Will this be released in the Philippines?

                                • ?
                                • Anonymous
                                • P@1
                                • 24 Oct 2014

                                turtleman, 03 Oct 2014Does anyone know where z7 can be ordered fromHi, this will be available in the market next week or by November.

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                                  • Adil
                                  • tue
                                  • 19 Oct 2014

                                  Compare to Oppo F7, Nubia Z7 beat Oppo F7. Nubia Z7 is 4G+4G Dual Stand by support.(World's first 4G+4G Smart Phone with dual stand by). clarity on the screen also better than the oppo F7.(538 ppi pixel density)

                                    • t
                                    • thaied
                                    • Smt
                                    • 09 Oct 2014

                                    see the specs above are 'vague. not stating if sim1, sim2 are 3g and/or 4G.
                                    Not stating on or hte other to be both on ; or switch one on for data; one for phone.
                                    other phones can only update system software thru sim1 that does not help if your data sim is #2.
                                    The spec writes are not users !!
                                    When will a dual sim phone have one sim1 and both phone books or let you select all or sim1,2 etc.
                                    If you have all purpose Sim cards. why not have both on-enabled. ?

                                    Mini-micro- USB in/out plug would be Great.

                                      • h
                                      • hansened
                                      • Smt
                                      • 09 Oct 2014

                                      where can you get complete specs ?
                                      1. The battery is removeable ?
                                      2. The sim slots both suppport 2G/3G and maybe 4G ?
                                      3. Both sims can be acitive at the same time; or switcheable or one for data; one for phone ?

                                      4. Is there HDMI port out along with power plug ?

                                      Why does this web site not have a "reply to" Forum ?
                                      5 . exp memory card slot accessible from outside ?

                                        • D
                                        • AnonD-314607
                                        • nSd
                                        • 08 Oct 2014

                                        turtleman, 03 Oct 2014Does anyone know where z7 can be ordered fromThe Z7 has not been released yet and is not available to buy anywhere. ZTE have just announced that they will be launching this phone this or next week.