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  • okphone

Have had it for 6 months does everything other phones do with a smaller screen and at a slower pace "racer" is a bit of an exaggeration. 1 st phone was dreadful but got a replacement phone and all is good since. what do you expect for the price could buy 15 of these for one iphone. it aint 15 times worse

  • andy

AnonD-64913, 30 Jul 2012i need to update android 2.2 zte racer.how can i do it.please an... moreWifi on ur fone

  • viper

Dont buy this phone! worst phone ever... touch screen sucks! and it looks arent so great... i only bought this phone because it was my first ever touchscreen cell.

  • liviu

I bought the phone 10 days racer and I fell down and broke tascrinul not know how much would it cost to put a new one or where to find a phone with another defect sal racer can buy to shut

  • Sony XPERIA

Good Phone,but the touch function of the display is very very bad even with pen,my ZTE Racer was 3 times in the service with different problems and now the problem again is touch function after this problem i buy XPERIA U.Other very big problem is totaly software unsuport from ZTE,this phone is good but dispay is shit.

  • lilu

how can i change virsion

  • Anish

I got this phone a few days a ago exclusively its nice good high end phone Easy to figure out-Has everything the expensive smart phones have for a cheaper price.-You can plug regular headphones into it.-Has a great camera.-

  • Anish

AnonD-64913, 30 Jul 2012i need to update android 2.2 zte racer.how can i do it.please an... moreTo update the android version you can visit android market and change the version which you need to change..

  • AnonD-64913

i need to update android 2.2 zte racer.how can i do it.please answer me.

  • Koli123

user, 19 Jul 2010Hi. Where I can buy this phone without contract?If u want to buy this mobile phone u need to contact service provider .

  • Ixil

koli123, 14 Jun 2012For your problem u need to contact services provider .OR contact... moreIt's not a problem... Just a question...

  • koli123

Ixil, 03 Apr 2012How did it change your battery usage and overall speed?For your problem u need to contact services provider .OR contact hot line number :- 0044-2034508722

  • koli123

mary ann, 29 Jan 2012how can i activate my GPRS in my zte racer? For ur problem u need to contact Hot line number :- 0044-2034508722

  • koli123

Wazzup 17, 08 Mar 2011Does any one know how to get the PC suite for this handset?Sorry for ZTE racer u will not get PC suite .

  • Koli123

Koce, 09 Apr 2011Does someone now how to upgrade android 2.1 to 2.2.i suggest you can have a try with ZTE update tool. you can log in their official website zte.com.cn, and you can find the software under technical support.
I hope it can help you solve your problem.

  • koli123

Anonymous, 12 Mar 2012Any good roms to make this device faster?Sorry sir u can not change the roms in the phone .

  • koli123

Anonymous, 24 Jun 2011does it have android marketYes u do have the Android market in ur phone .

  • koli123

Ron, 21 Jul 2011can you load golf gps on to itHello,
for ur problem u need to downlod it from Android market App .ok

  • Koli123

AnonD-40008, 29 Jan 2012hi.. i am sorry,, i just want to know how to activate my GPRS in... moreSuggested to call to Hot line number
The number is 0044-2034508722.

  • Koli143

Anonymous, 08 Jul 2011hi does anyone know the code to unlock ZTE racer phone?Ok for ur problem on the screen u can see the emrgency call tap on that and dial this number *983*987# than it works .