ZTE S302

ZTE S302

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  • Anish

Yes..! The phone is meant for old age people and , I am thankful to ZTE about the same, as it has helped my old mother, to keep a track of her phone calls.

To top it all the phone has a huge keypad, as my mother s very old she finds it quite easy to operate this huge keyed phone....:)

  • smk

Riyaz, 15 Mar 2011This mobile is good for the people whose eye sight is lowmore like who r blind.........

  • Catasud

this phone is for a adult person and it's ok for that very util.

  • Tahir

Greate Phone

  • a.a.

Anonymous, 26 Apr 2012 is that a phone?I don't think so

  • anztoro

Anonymous, 30 Apr 2012calculator?This is Calculator with phone function

  • Anonymous



where can i get a replacement battery in south africa?

  • Anonymous

Footprints, 06 Mar 2012Where from I can buy this phone...can anyone please tell me ?? is that a phone?

  • Footprints

Where from I can buy this phone...can anyone please tell me ??

  • ricky

wowwww nice phone can be disgused as calculator at exam lolololol

  • Anonymous

@manu smith
my father is charging the phone once a week! 1000mah battery for a phone like this is huge. SAR level is quite low there are phones that cost 300-500 and have SAR levels 1.10 and 1.20! it is perfect for childs and elders that hardly can search a number in their contact list...!
Only one disadvantage... it could have had easier menu navigation and the red button should have been used to take you out of every menu you are (so people like my father when they press something they do not know they just have to press red!) and also when you press red (when not in any menu) it should not do anything!


the calculator

  • swag

sam, 17 Nov 2011his screen to short how to show film and images on this screenhaha are you serious?

  • sam

his screen to short how to show film and images on this screen

  • Anonymous

phone vapra, 06 Oct 2010I can operate tv with this phoneLoL...You may also ask for launching satellites on this phone.

ZTE... thanks for this edition- Really helpful for elder’s.

  • 02052001

I Don't Like this phone!

  • Anonymous

i am are not liking the camera on thi fone

  • manu smith

Sorry, but I don`t think this phone can compete with anything. How much will the battery last while in conversation or in stand-by mode?
It`s no good... everybody need a phone that can use it 7-14 days without charghing it...

  • munna

This phone must be updated with latest version of ANDROID iam waiting if this company launches the same mobile with ANDROID feature