ZTE unveils Axon 30 Ultra Aerospace Edition with 18GB RAM and 1TB storage

Peter, 17 November 2021

The first smartphones with 16GB of RAM arrived in early 2020, followed a year later by the first phones with 18GB of RAM. Will we see the first 20GB phone before 2021 is over? Maybe, but we’re not there yet.

ZTE announced a limited edition of its current flagship dubbed the ZTE Axon 30 Ultra Aerospace Edition. This model will be promoted by actress Haocun Liu from the movie One Second. Besides the movie tie in, this device also celebrates the success of China’s space agency, which successfully sent an orbiter and lander to Mars (Tianwen-1) and three taikonauts to the Chinese space station (Tiangong).

The ZTE Axon Ultra Aerospace Edition will have 18 GB of RAM and 1 TB storage
The ZTE Axon Ultra Aerospace Edition will have 18 GB of RAM and 1 TB storage

The Aerospace Edition phone will have 18 GB of RAM, a feat already achieved by ZTE’s gaming division with the Red Magic 6 Pro. However, it will also feature virtual RAM, so that it will offer up to 20GB capacity – even if some of it is written out to the UFS 3.1 storage.

If this trick impresses you, it seems that even the Axon 30 5G with 12GB of actual RAM will be able to hit 20GB with the use of 8GB of virtual RAM.

ZTE Axon 30 5G with 20 GB of RAM - 12 GB hardware RAM and 8 GB virtual
ZTE Axon 30 5G with 20GB of RAM - 12GB hardware RAM and 8GB virtual

Anyway, the ZTE Axon 30 Ultra Aerospace Edition (18GB/1TB) will be available in China starting on November 25. Pricing is yet to be announced, but it should cost more than the vanilla Axon 30 Ultra, which has an MSRP of CNY6,666 ($1,050/€925/₹77,600) for the 16GB/1TB version.

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ZTE Axon 30 Ultra Aerospace Edition will be liked by the Chinese along with their space program. I am sure they will ask for some earth pix from the Chinese space station just as the Americans did with ISS. Just like the Americans the Chinese will no...

this is your own words: "Even PCs struggle to use 16GB!" This is what I was refering to, neither you or me were talking about mobiles. Stop changing topic. I do heavy workloads in photoshop 300dpi poster designs large scale files, tiff ...

  • Antidumb
  • 23 Nov 2021
  • xhm

Maybe next desktop mode on mobile phone. Samsung Dex is awesome and android currently develops android desktop. I already imagine this scenario since windows mobile era. Connect to second screen and voila.

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