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does this phone have an FM RADIO ??

    L2GA , 08 Jul 2023Android eleven version of software in 2023 Well that'... moreWell... let's just hope this phone has an unlockable bootloader, otherwise this phone is one that people should just not bother with.

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      • Anonymous
      • xjH
      • 18 Jul 2023

      ugh! am disgusted by this thing. wtf was zte thinkin' ? the dated OS is just infuriating . hope this cr*p won't make its way to uganda.

        • L
        • L2GA
        • X5u
        • 08 Jul 2023

        Android eleven version of software in 2023
        Well that's the reason for the low price

          • L
          • Lenox
          • xjH
          • 26 Jun 2023

          This looks like an old mid tier

            • j
            • jadi91
            • LFb
            • 17 Jun 2023

            Oh really?
            A cell phone with android 11 in 2023? given away is a joke.

              I wish they put more effort on their midrange like they did with the Red Magic gaming phone series.

                Why their midrange phones have atrocious specs? At least their flagships are a billion times better

                  Looks like this cannot go beyond Android 13 with it being stuck at 11. Garbagee phone, shouldn't even exist.

                    Very strange specs for a mid-ranger. And what's up with that Android 11??

                      Those specs are not real right? The f*ck!?

                        Does ZTE think humans can't see more then 50-60hz?!

                          Android 11 in 2023? Seriously ZTE?!