ZTE wants you to guess the specs of the Nubia Z7

04 July, 2014

After the news from earlier today about a couple of Nubia-branded devices being certified in China, ZTE is once again in the spotlight.

The Chinese company has chosen to keep teasing its upcoming Nubia Z7 smartphone, though it's done so by taking a pretty interesting approach.

Essentially, ZTE wants you to guess the specs of the device, along with giving your opinion about a few things - such as where you like to get your phones from, or how much is too much time passing between a handset's announcement and its availability.

You get to pick from four options for each of the eight multiple-choice questions. For the chipset used in the Nubia Z7, you can go with Qualcomm's Snapdragon 801AA, 801AB, or 801AC bins, or the newer and even higher-end Snapdragon 805.

In terms of screen size, you can pick 5", 5.5", 5.9", or 7". The rear camera can have either 8MP, 13MP, 16MP, or 20.7MP resolution.

You can also choose which channel you prefer buying your smartphones from, what your favorite subjects are for pictures (people, animals, stars, and so on), how fast is fast in your opinion when it comes to camera shooting speed, and how soon a new phone should be out after it's introduced.

Apparently you can even win stuff by playing ZTE's guessing game, although we can't tell you how that works exactly because our Chinese isn't perfect. However, if you do read the language, head over to the Source link below and play (you need to register a free account first, though). Maybe by doing so you'll convince ZTE to make the Nubia Z7 official already.

Source (in Chinese)


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  • AnonD-281043

you just so amazing... xD

  • SoulJahBG

5.5" 4K Super Amoled True IPS+ Triluminous Retina display 4.5 GHZ Octa Core Intel Xeon CPU 128 GB RAM 2 TB ROM 4 GigaPixel Camera 8k video recording 10 000 mAh battery ;)

  • AnonD-270061

Mmm...I don't know if it so far away, look at the Philips W6610 with it's 5300mAh.