Android 4.3 shows up on Google developers website

15 May, 2013

Less than an hour to go until the Google I/O 2013 kicks off and the search giant is obviously finding it quite hard to keep all its upcoming announcements under wraps. The Android version 4.3 has briefly showed up on the Google developers website.

A webpage detailing the security enhancements in Android 4.3 was uploaded, and Google's own web crawlers have caught it, leading to it being displayed it in the search results. That's as sure a sign as it gets that Google is planning to unwrap 4.3, and at the Moscone Center.

The Android release goes without a name in the search result, so it's unclear whether Google will call it Key Lime Pie or retain the Jelly Bean name.

Rumors have it that the next iteration of Android is going to feature Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and OpenGL for Embedded Systems 3.0 graphics specification. The most crucial part of the new Android version is going to probably be app data synchronization, though. Such option has appeared on the account sync settings menu on various phones even ahead of the Google I/O event start.