Ericsson T36

Ericsson T36

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  • The Sisimiomiuter

It was my first mobile phone :D

  • Ratnakar

Nikica, 04 Feb 2007I m wery likethe phone.I m tinking is the best.I like this Phone...

  • Nikica

I m wery likethe phone.I m tinking is the best.

  • Anonymous

A really fine phone.
For its time...

  • caroline

Am so disappointed to learn that Ericsson T36 launch has been cancelled. Why? Its my future phone. Please do something!

  • bluey

some confusion here - the T36 was essentially an earlier version of what later became the T39. It was never officially released, because they realised there were additional features needed (GPRS I think) so they reworked it and launched the T39 in its place some months later. The T39 is the superior phone, and the only one that was ever officially available.

  • shahril hariady

please upgrade my T10i to T68
thank you...byeee

  • nicolas

Your heading T36 should read T39.

  • Anonymous

the paint on the cover wipes. except this problem, i like it! can i have another cover? mine is silvery.

  • bart

why didend they bring it out???

  • zuja

t 36 is best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
please sand me!!!
yugoslavia (country)
pancevo (city)
vojvodjanski bulevar (street)

  • Robin


  • vcg52

I would so like to have one of these, They have existed as I used one at Live2000 in London with the bluetooth headset and it felt far more comfortable and better quality then the T39m (which incidentaly is a brilliant phone!!!). Whoever has a T36 is very lucky indeed, oh well, T68 anybody? lol


can you tell me how much does a T39 cost?

  • Marc Venrooy

Was this phone sold or did it neaver reach the market?

Kind regards,


  • karim s

hey gsm arena! how in the world did u get pics and info about the T36 if it isnt in the market?!?
see ya,

  • kencheen

can i ask you in Asia have sale t36 in Malaysia
so how much money (T36)
When T36 sale in Malaysia?
Please send Me BACK TO my Email
Thank You

  • Mustofa

Di mana saya bisa mendapatkan T36? dan berapa harganya?

  • soffie

would you like to give me, describing of Ericsson phone, T29. thanks

  • Svetoslav

I like this telephone!!! It's nice!