HTC HD2 launch date for T-Mobile USA uncovered

09 March, 2010

We've heard it again and again but this time it's official - the HTC HD2 will launch on T-Mobile USA very soon. It's been a long string of rumors and leaks up to now and some of them did a lot to amp up the anticipation.

Like the find that the HTC HD2 for T-Mobile USA packs 576MB RAM. Later it turned out that all HD2's pack 576MB, though on non-US have only 448MB available by default - the rest is only unlockable by a custom firmware.

But T-Mobile are hosting a special event on March 16 - it's about the HDC HD2, or as they call it, the "Larger than life entertainment powerhouse". So, the HD2 will launch not long after the 16th, a couple of sources even give a specific date.

HTC HD2 launches on T-Mobile by the end of the month

A leaked T-Mobile roadmap suggested that the HTC HD2 will hit T-Mobile USA stores on March 24. Well, MobiTV (TV and digital radio provider for mobile phones) posted on their Twitter account that T-Mobile is launching the HTC HD2 on March 23. Their app will be preloaded on the HD2, so they should know.

Source: SlashPhone, MobiTV Twitter