HTC One M8 in red headed to Verizon

12 April, 2014

According to a tweet by evleaks, the HTC One (M8) will have a new Glamor red version available on Verizon. Currently, the phone is offered in three color options: gunmetal grey, glacial silver and amber gold.

Sadly, no further information nor a photo of the red M8 was provided in the leak. However, since its predecessor was also available in blue, it's very possible the M8 to follow suit.

We don't know just yet if the red HTC One (M8) is going to look anything like the red HTC M8 Ace. Its photo was leaked leaked earlier this week, but unfortunately it's blurry, so there's not much detail to go around.

More information of the red HTC One M8 should surface soon, so stay tuned.