HTC unveils October revenues, Q4 not starting off well

06 November, 2012

HTC's performance in this year's third quarter was underwhelming and the final quarter for the year isn't starting off great either. The company announced its revenues for the month of October - $588 million, which is down from the $1,508 million it made in October last year.

That's 61% down year-on-year, while last year's results were up 36% compared to October 2010. This is the biggest year-on-year slide that the company has reported this year.

In its Q3 press release, HTC forecasts $2 billion in revenues for the fourth quarter of this year, though it remains to be seen if it will actually hit that mark or if it'll continue the slide down.

HTC does have the holiday shopping season to look forward to and (Microsoft is hoping for this too) Windows Phone 8 might pick up faster than its predecessor.

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