Huawei Ascend II

Huawei Ascend II

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  • booker

princequinn , 26 Jul 2011Great phone overall...but has no voice announce setting!I cant watch 21jump street all night with it,str8 talk cut my web and youtube power

  • Brianhd71

Like the other posters said it's not an iPhone or a Galaxy, but for the money($100USD), it's the best phone Straight Talk offers. I've had it since June of '12 and have have few problems with it and much enjoyment. It's my new swiss army knife.

  • Somewhere In MO

I agree with the poster who said that this phone is HORRIBLE!!!! I received it as a Christmas gift and I wish I had not. The screen continually freezes so that NOT ONE action that I have started has been finished. I try to text, it freezes. I try to get into an app.; it freezes. I try to unlock so I can answer a call; it freezes. This is a terrible, terrible, terrible phone.

I thought the cause of its poor performance was my fault. So I had other people try to use it. Guess what? You got it! It freezes!!

I am returning this phone. Do not waste time or money on this phone.

Whew. Now I feel better.

  • redd

Anyone know how to unlock updates or anything to be able to play subway surfers or any other incompatible games

  • sla1982

This phone is horrible!!!!! Do not waste ur money! I paid over $100 for it n its not even worth the 7% tax! I can't even watch videos on YouTube and can barely watch videos I record! Thumbs down with a negative 10 stars!!!!!

  • rivverrain

Lauren, 23 Nov 2012Well if its just A bad phone why are you people still buying them we trust theam and we want to beleave theam but they lie to when we ask q we are lied to us i got a net ten phone from theam all so and thet did tex me back to let me know that i was welcome i have a huawei na send 2 and i have problems with it to the pepople that are doing the are over seas and they dont know what they are doing they are not white
they dont under stand what they are doing

TINKY, 10 Dec 2012Should i buy this phone from straight talk?No

This phone sucks I purchased it 3 weeks ago and the 1st one they gave me the microphone was not working on the 1st day they gave me another one and just today the camera just has a green screen I haven't drooped


Should i buy this phone from straight talk?

  • Anonymous

For the cost of the phone it does the job. If expecting it to be a IPhone or a galaxy its not, but I have had no problems with it at all. I like it a lot.

  • cgag

bigtrucksdd , 12 Aug 2012From what I've seen. Im sure most of it is operator error. Peopl... moreI've had all the same problems. I'm not very tech. Smart. Would like advice. How do I clear history and cookies.

  • LAN

Good phone

  • Lauren

Well if its just A bad phone why are you people still buying them

Everybody this phone is awesome when you know how to flash custom roms!!! I installed a rom called Lunar CyanogenMod 9 OTA and it funs smooth!!!

  • jamieleebee

I actually really like this phone. I have juicedefender, and my battery is stock and lasts a couple days. I downloaded ram booster, which keeps it running fast even with golauncher installed. Doesn't run Netflix very well, but YouTube is pretty good. The only thing I don't like about it is that it doesn't have multi touch. I'm an avid Pokemon player (which sometimes freezes up while I'm playing, but it's a crappy emulator anyways), but really, my old phone had multi touch and I miss it. And the landscape keyboard ticks me off. There's nothing wrong with it, I like it, but I have some muffed up nerves in my right thumb from a run in with a can of black beans, and the buttons don't register sometimes cuz of that. Nice camera too. And if there was a way to delete voicemails without having to listen to them, that would be awesome. Also if there was a built in stylus. Those make me feel important.

  • dreamgirl

my hauwei ascend y200 is not working and its currentlly off,it was automatically hanged, and when i tried to open it,there is a screen bar hauwei only, nothing else, plz help me how can i open the phone.its not working,10 months warranty available.

  • cathey

This phone is terrible freezes constantly, I would like to know how to get a replacement......

  • Jgm

Its a great phone if you have it powerrd by t-mobile

  • mattlozo

anselmo, 15 Aug 2012same here, it continues in a boot loop, i hate and desperate for... moreThis is the worst phone I have ever had. It glitches all the time, with everything. I will stop playing music, freeze, turn off at on, stop charging all at random. This phone is the biggest waste of money ever!!! I've only had it for 3 months and paid $200 plus the $65 bill!!! Unacceptable.

  • Jay

I've had it 8 months and I finally have the money to buy something good. This phone is terrible.

+ got it in a half off deal.
+ far and few, but i like the expansion to 32 gig capability.
+ Voice is pretty clear.

- Battery life is extremely short, buy a battery on ebay that is 3 times the life for 10 bucks.
- I'd often have to factory reset, as gps, 3g and wifi wouldn't work.
- With little things like texting, the phone stalls and closes with errors.
- It shuts off and turns back on when it wants
- apps would often not work
- DO NOT DROP IT, I dropped it twice and the head phone jack would not work.