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Huawei Ascend P1

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  • Bharanidharan

To root this phone install iroot in browser and open the iroot apk and click the root now option and your Huawei mobile is successfully rooted it also works on Samsung enjoy new features of your phone ;-):-8-)

  • bunji

sam, 03 Oct 2015I want to root my p1. can sumbody share a root tool without any virus.Google vroot pc version. Works well. Kinguser is a phone version apk. Will root most phones from within the phone. No pc required. Have used both. Prefer vroot pc version. Good luck.

yes of power button + volume down....and then hold 1 or 2 second

  • James

Can a screenshot be taken with this phone?

  • sam

I want to root my p1. can sumbody share a root tool without any virus.

  • mr lotfi

It's a good phone phone I'm using this phone but recently I have lucky try virus on my phone can anyone help me

  • Anonymous

Kochu, 28 Aug 2015I was using my Phone Huawei Ascend P1 U9200 when all of a sudden... moreYou should hold volume up and power button

  • Kochu

I was using my Phone Huawei Ascend P1 U9200 when all of a sudden the Screen went off and the logo appeared . I cann't tyrn off or on the phone despite pressing the on and off button. What I wlll do ?

I have completed 2 years by today 21/8/2015. Very good device from Huawei. It's serving me well without any problems. Still getting almost 1 day battery life. Dropped more than 5 times in 2 years and didn't got any serious dents or cracks because of its light weight. Very handy and easy to hold phone i have ever used. The only problem is low headphone volume. Other than that it shines on all other departments. Still using with stock ICS.

Very much satisfied with HUAWEI.

  • Anonymous

Aaron Brady, 22 May 2015can I upgrade my Android systemYes you can by using custom roms

  • Aaron Brady

can I upgrade my Android system

I am useing huawei Ascend p1. It is very nice . Its performance is very well . I play (fifa 15 ult. , vice city etc.) On the mobile . I love and like my handset . But it bettey well but not good/great. Friends, you will buy the mobile . Thank_ for read my comment . God bless you .

Hi, i have been using this phone for almost 2 years now and till now am very satisfied with its performance. but recently i am facing serious connectivity problem, like if i talk for more than about 10 to 15 mins, the call drops and then the network disappears and it re-registers to the network. Can anyone give me a workaround for this? I am still using the stock ICS ROM.

  • Fazly

I am using Huawei U9200 handset, and since yesterday the contact details and contact area is missing and I am not able to deal number? how can is get it.

  • popcorn

Now that the phone is 3 years old I am in hint for the battery as it is giving me trouble !

  • kasi4lebza

bunjibunji, 28 Jan 2015Been using P1 for couple years. Have flashed many roms. And have... moreHi there, can you kindly tell me where to get the latest firmware for p1 a and steps on how to flash and load a new one

  • bunji

Shanky, 20 Mar 2015it works well for 1 year. Now i am facing battery problem and it... moreThe back cover does come off. First remove the small screw located under the micro sd lid. You can buy special tools for opening phones. Or use something very thin and strong. Insert between lower screen edge frame and cover. Gently work your way around. Carefull not too lose volume, power and speaker grill when cover is removed. As these iteme can and will fall away from back cover. The battery will be exposed. Battery is held in with double sided sticky tape. Remove two screws holding down silver shield. Lift up a fraction to be able to remove battery plug. Putting back together is just the reverse. Goog luck.

  • Shanky

it works well for 1 year. Now i am facing battery problem and it won't be replacable, please give me any suggestion what to do

  • bee

I bought this phone exactly two years ago. It is an excellent phone. I am not an IT guru so I am still using it the way I bought it without any upgrades. It is a very smooth phone. It serves me great!

  • Ascend P1 User

I've found the best ROM to be Spanorg's LiquidSmooth 3.2 KitKat ROM (2014-08-21-viva-ext) it does wonders for this phone, latest video drivers. Everything is working, no real showstopping bugs.

You can get the radio working, bluetooth, wifi hotspot in a custom 4.4.4 rom. I think the only con/downside is the headphone volume is a little low, however I have headphone amps handy and it seems easy enough to investigate a solution.

I've tried all the ROMS for this phone, MOKEE, CM, Chinese firmwares. Nothing tops it for battery and smoothness.

I use smartassv2 governor, sio or cfq for scheduler, -25mV or -50mV under voltage and lower 236MHz frequency as the lowest, with 1026MHz highest when I want to conserve power. Battery Saver is on and 236MHz set for max when display off (also turning off gps, wifi and data while killing apps).

Otherwise just turn it on interactive and enable 1500MHz max and phone still doesn't use a great amount of battery until you start running games like that.

I've you have an Ascend P1 and you aren't scared of flashing and possibly bricking it go visit for latest rom news dedicated to this phone.