MWC 2012: LG overview

GSMArena team, 26 February 2012.


LG came to the MWC with a new tagline: "LTE, it's always LG". LTE is one of the main attractions of LG's new mobiles and they proudly call themselves the first and foremost choice for LTE phones and promise that the revolution continues.

They didn't forget to remind us either they were the first to put out a dual-core phone, but quad-core is king now. We got our hands on the Optimus 4X HD and will be benchmarking it shortly.

The phones LG have on display range from the small Optimus L3, through the 4.3" and 4.7" screens of the L7 and 4X HD, all the way to the 5" screen of the LG Optimus Vu phoneblet.

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