LG G Flex to hit at least 3 carriers in the US

14 November, 2013

Flexible displays may not be here in the way everyone expected them to be just yet, but that hasn't prevented Samsung and LG to out curved display smartphones this year. While both devices have since launched in their native Korea, it looks like the LG offering will be making its way to the US as well.

The rumor comes by way of the popular source for smartphone related leaks, @evleaks.

The LG G Flex was launched in Korea this Tuesday, featuring a self-healing plastic back panel and a nifty dynamic wallpaper which shifts according to your viewing angle. The Flex's curved 6-inch display runs at 720p, which means it should manage higher framerates than smartphones with higher-fidelity screens, as the recent AnTuTu benchmarks have shown.

While the display is not flexible in the direct sense of the word, the Flex will undoubtedly be a good conversation starter and LG has it deemed worthy of a US release. Let's see how it does.