Microsoft exec confirms co-marketing with partners

16 January, 2014

It turns out the pinch of salt was only half needed lead of communications for Microsoft Frank X. Shaw confirms the company does indeed have monetary deals in place with phone makers over Windows Phone. He, however, calls the quoted dollar amounts "complete fiction".

The deal is called "co-marketing" so the money is presumably to help makers promote their Windows Phone rather than develop them. Does that mean the money is less than the rumored numbers?

We'll probably have to wait on quarterly reports for any concrete, official numbers. Just look for the term "co-marketing" to pop up in the revenue statements.

You'll also notice Mr. Shaw didn't comment on which companies are in on the deal. Was that an acknowledgment or maybe he just didn't want to give too much away? Guess we'll have to wait for those reports to know more about that too.

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