Motorola DROID Ultra

Motorola DROID Ultra

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  • Ar6er

When recording videos can't hear surrounding noise only static and clicking sounds??? Also when using apps at 80%or lower phone will auto shutdown.... Need resolution to these issues if possible

  • Anonymous

Please when will the lollipop upgrade be available to user of the fone

  • Bashir

SK, 19 Apr 2016How to upgrade kit kat to lollipop?? plzz give me ideaBy *7#

Is official, there will be NO upgrade for those

  • SK

How to upgrade kit kat to lollipop?? plzz give me idea

when is droid ultra getting lollipop update

  • Anonymous

Its a good phone for most of the time, I had i locking in a two year contract and it served its purpose well, however the last 6 months of my plan the phone glitched 4x more than normal. Honestly, I'm not going to stick with this phone anymore I'm going to upgrade, it was a good phone but only for 75% of the time. The battery life slowly died over time, and it kept heating up. Apps glitch out, and my screen will sometimes go black and be unresponsive. My key board will come up and I have to shut down my phone to get it back to normal. None of that happened in the beginning so, I wouldn't recommend it for more than a years use. If i use my phone all day I get about 1/2 a days worth of battery before having to plug it in. in the beginning I had 2 days worth. I also have an app on my phone to cool it down because it heats like all hell... just my personal experience. My mother has an Android and that too heats like hell, and battery life sucks.

  • Dar

why its front cam shows pink faces

mks, 17 Mar 2016Unfortunately my screen was broken where can I get original LCD ... moreBuy it by ebay

It has a good battery?

  • mks

Unfortunately my screen was broken where can I get original LCD touch screen ? Send the buying links please...

  • Monty

ST_518722, 23 Feb 2016Where is the SIM card slot located for this phone?Sim card lifts out with volume control use fingernail to get vol cont to slide out

  • ST_518722

Where is the SIM card slot located for this phone?

  • skinny

kashi71, 21 Dec 2015my droid ultra screen some time dim & then recover why it is... moreIt's the lighting in the room or ur putting ur finger over the sensor that makes the screen go black when u r talking on the phone so u don't press buttons with ur face

  • Steve

My Droid Ultra stopped giving me an audio beep prior to listening when initiating browsing. Cannot figure out why. Also prior to speaking a text.

  • Anonymous

zohaib, 27 Dec 2015y any hd movies n hd song r cant playing in mx player plz replyingYou must install HD player app form the play store then you can playing any type of videos

Irfan, 04 Feb 2016in this I couldn't find file manager, any one help me in this matterThan get one from playstore!

  • Irfan

in this I couldn't find file manager, any one help me in this matter

Sheza, 18 Jan 2016battery issue .. anyone plz help me ..There is no battery issue if u have new phone because many peoples change the original battery before sell,

  • Zaib

who have problem with battery life (xt1030 xt1080 )they need to switch their network to GSM only rather than UMTS because its uses your all battery and switch back when you wanna connect mobile data.