Motorola ES400

Motorola ES400

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  • annonomous

I don't have one of these. I have a Runbo x5 that I destroyed because I am an idiot. Try searching ebay, or youtube. The costumer service sucks at runbo but if you get one that works your golden.

  • Kelly B

My smart phone is having operating system! It unable to boot.

  • kelly B

My phone is having operating system problem! I can't access my phone.

  • Jack

Ginger SL., 09 Nov 2012Help, help my touchscreen doesn´t work anymore!!!Has a stylus--that says it all. Got it from work and it's terrible. OS very Slow, fixed keyboard blows--Moto should have used the original two-way text pager keyboard instead of what the hell this is supposed to be, small screen, learning Vulcan is ten times easier than the Byzantine touchscreen icons, phone sounds like yelling down a pipe, just for starters.

  • Anonymous

I currently work for Kone US. I used to have the admin login but dont remember it. i thought it was 3pfl0 or something like that...does anyone have it?

  • Anonymous

I don't now where to begin. THIS PHONE IS BIB.. BIB... Bib.. Bib...
1 the toch screen Don't work
2 it frezes
3 it take 3/4 sekund before it reackts when you are using it
4 it loses its connections
5 it restarts constanly
6 it is biping the hole Night
7 it does NOT charge properly
8 with normal battery it holdes power for 6 hours if you don't use it. If you use it max 4 hours
9 it goes off line by it selfs
10 it scans the wrong barcode when there is more then one
11 forget

  • Anonymous

Civil engineer, 27 Sep 2011This is one great little device! Have had one since January 2011... moreYou are takling blasfemi

  • Anonymous

This phone DO NOT WORK. To go in details about the problems Whit this tone is a waste of time f... This phone the only Think it is god at is sinkning in water👍

  • RaX

Been using this phone for about 2 years... and it makes my working day's feel even more miserable.

Im on my 8th one (YES 8th).

Common problems - Random Lockups/resets, Calls get blocked and you have to reset the phone, scanner stops working without any reason, touchscreen stops working (have to replace when that happens), Keyboard input starts to have 2-3 seconds lag which makes it impossible to use (have to replace also).

Good stuff? -> It's a tough phone. Doesn't break easily.

  • Anonymous

I have been using this model phone for more than 3 years. It is the biggest piece of crap I have had to use. I am on my 4th one. Constants lockups, spinning wheel. Lacks features. This is 2014. Not sure who made the choice to purchase these in bulk for the company. Probably the same person who buys the cheapest laptops available to provide to our technicians.

  • al truistic

DANYWISE, 13 Dec 2013touchscreen does not work help how can i fix itPower + c+ w, or power + 1 + 9 if you prefer. Reboots the system

  • al truistic

c, 17 Apr 2014am i being tracked with this phone and how can i tellIF it's a company phone, you are being tracked! That's why they bought it so that they could monitor you, it certainly wasn't for the quality!

  • Bovverboy

Have been using a work issued one for about 18months. What a piece of rubbish, constant freezing, hopeless touchscreen, inaccurate keyboard, low volume, bluetooth regularly drops out, phone turns itself off for no reason, poor battery life, low quality camera, the list goes on and on. Everyone at work who has one hates it. Stay well clear unless you want an expensive, poor quality paperweight.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Mar 2014My companey have puchaced 800 of these phones and they are most ... moreuser manual and info contradictory. medical use information is easily corrupted.

  • c

am i being tracked with this phone and how can i tell

  • Anonymous

My companey have puchaced 800 of these phones and they are most crap pos i have ever used in the 20 years i have been using mobiles.


touchscreen does not work help how can i fix it

  • jason x

just turn gps off go to wireless manager menu phone settings and at top selectservices at bottom turn gps privacy to no and you are done

  • chivo

if I use my work forceand login and log out and turn off my phonedoes the GPS still worksthey could track me on the computer

  • Anonymous

Hi! I'm working in Kone Canada. My works es400 phone is admin locked for everything but work for some soft wear. How can i by pass this to get to music ,radio etc.? Please help!