Motorola XOOM 2 Media Edition MZ607

Motorola XOOM 2 Media Edition MZ607

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  • Anonymous

Is not so god becouse are just 1gb ram cant upgrade to new android and are wery bad camera and mic in this and i have trouble with to get 100%in my battery

Upgraded for ICS 4.0.4 in Brazil.


Good tablet... Nothing special, but good enough for me.

  • Pavel

This is great

  • Gino

You see my heart is (sort of) torn between the Acer Iconia A110 (with its microSD card slot), the Nexus 7 (with its quad-core GPU) and the Motorola Xoom 2 Xyboard/Media Edition 8.2" tab (with its screen size, surround speakers and great camera).

I am not convinced by the build and durability of the Acer/Google tab. And i always thought the ideal (i.e. well-balanced & a good compromised) tablet screen size is an 8" one. That is why i want to ask about the Motorola tab and especially to its post-Ice Cream Sandwich update.

1. In terms of the CPU speed is the advertised speed the "base" speed or is it underclocked?
2. Would you know if the GPU is single or dual channel? And does it matter?
3. Is the wifi single or dual band? And again does it matter?
4. Comparing it to the iPad 2 or say an AMOLED screen Galaxy tab would you consider the screen resolution/contrast/colour/dark colours of the Xoom 2 is as good as the others?
5. For a 1-year old tab wil i find any issues or problems in terms of gaming or compatibility with games or apps?
6. Some poeple are saying that the microSD card slot in the Xoom 2 has been "disabled". So, that means it has NO card slot or it has a card slot but it has been physically blocked by a cover or it has a card slot but it is not working?

Please advice and clarify. Thanks.

  • Wind

Good tablet... Nothing special, but good enough for me.

  • Anonymous

I think it does have Infrared emitter

  • Anonymous

3g version is coming

  • BlueHeart the Illest

Anonymous, 01 Dec 2011no 3g uselessget it from Verizon it runs 4G LTE Einstein it doesnt need 3G lol...noobs smh, always looking to bring down a good product...especially when its not from Apple...

  • Anonymous

no 3g useless

  • FATU

veyyy hot

  • Lugano

oman, 17 Nov 2011its lookz good than ipad 2Learn English plz

  • oman

its lookz good than ipad 2

  • Morten

paniki, 13 Nov 2011i agree with u.... the design is awesome for this xoom 2 media ... moreIf you already have an Android phone, you may already have a data plan for it. In which case, you can simply use the wifi hotspot function and connect the tablet through it.Also, it does have MicroSD slot.

  • paniki

erycxc, 10 Nov 2011 I consider 8.2 inch the perfect screen for me. I said to myself... morei agree with u.... the design is awesome for this xoom 2 media edition thick n light the processor also is a good combination with the 8,2" display but it sucks because moto didn't "ARM" it with 3G n micro sd card slot for expansion ...because without 3G and micro sd card slot it seams this product is not for mobility person who like traveling or doing business n more suitable for kids....really really disappointed

  • Anonymous

this is my first tablet

Motorola Xoom 2 Media Edition
1.2 ghz from Tegra is a powerful processor
Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1,8.9,7.7,7.0 plus
Ipad 2,Asus EEE Pad Transformer,Acer Iconia 501,Sony Tablet S,Lg Optimus Pad 3D,HTC Jetstream.suck...


  • erycxc

I consider 8.2 inch the perfect screen for me. I said to myself: this is my next tablet. But looking more carefully on the specs I realised it has no 3G. Helloooooooo Moto!!!!
Seriously: what were you thinking?

  • leo

Will this be available in South Africa, trust me this will blow Samsung off the market if it make it to ZA.

  • GsK

Anonymous, 04 Nov 2011looks like nokia x7But Big very Big Brother