N900 also comes to T-Mobile along with $50 all unlimited plan

11 October, 2009

Good times are coming for the T-Mobile subscribers. Just a few hours ago we reported that the carrier will be offering the BlackBerry Bold 2, and now we have word on two more more hot devices coming to its shelves. Those include the Nokia’s new flagship – the N900 and another Nseries handset. Oh, and there is a new plan coming up that you might find interesting.

The Maemo-powered smartphone has been one of the most anticipated handsets of the season, receiving universally positive feedback. Along with it T-Mobile has also negotiated another Nseries device, though we are not sure which one exactly – the easy guess being N97 mini.

Those two combined with the already-confirmed Motorola CLIQ and Samsung Behold 2 will make up for quite impressive smartphone army.

But the good stuff doesn’t end with new mobiles at T-Mobile. The carrier also plans to speed up its 3G network, making it capable of 21Mbps HSDPA. There is also a greatly sounding 50 US dollars per month unlimited everything (voice, data, SMS and MMS) plan around the corner, that should allow more users to take advantage of it.

There's still no official confirmation on any of the rumors but the smart money is on all of them coming up true.