First China-loving HTC-branded mobile phones released today

27 July, 2010
HTC has just announced its partnership with China Mobile to make TD-SCDMA phones, but that isn't the only news on the company. As of today HTC starts shipping the first HTC-branded devices in China...

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  • trancehell

eastern countries?, 27 Jul 2010Has it not occurred to you that ALL technology legwork is done i... moreI'm not discussing about the people, although the economics and politics are driven from within people, not from the skies above, and as a citizen of a former commie country I can tell the difference between east and west pretty well (but this is entirely another discussion that doesn't belong here), I am discussing about the balance between costs (tech production, labor, raw materials, components etc) and price (depending on market), and I'm not surprised that generally elevated societies act as cheapskates. When the circle will close (and it WiLL close in a few years), many countries in the east would have risen their production and material standards, and the prices accordingly, of course, and the new promise land of cheap labor _maybe_ will move to the arabic countries (leave the cultural differences and the western "shoot themselves in the foot" politics aside). The next labor reserve that is now in due usage is India, we are yet to see labs and facilities there, and later pretty many high tech products labeled Made in India...
And finally when the labor circle will be closed, all the prices will go up and few countries will find a way to rise their economies even more, on the expense of the other side of the globe... And so on...

  • chinaware - melamine

so HTC already produces cheap fones??

  • Davi

cool phone.

  • Zamil from Banglades

Great news!! then i must be able to buy htc desire within 100 usd....LOL !!

  • Anonymous

taiwan, china same poop different pile.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 28 Jul 2010htc is chinesehtc is not chinese

  • shitaki mushroom

woo go htc! not so much go china xD

  • simple user

[deleted post]Man, unless you are chinese, then everything you can see around you is made in China, except your-self. Chinese do have quite hi quality products, but they overtook markets abroad with cheap production - but as you can see there are a lot of buyers, so why not sell? That is fundamental economic law :-)

  • karl marx

eastern countries?, 27 Jul 2010Has it not occurred to you that ALL technology legwork is done i... moreget real. they will start treat you as human only if it is cheaper... :-) sorry to say that. sad, but true.
now on topic. it is strange why HTC do that. Samsung sell happily in China branded as Anycall. I see no one complains :-)

  • Anonymous

htc is chinese

  • Barney

How ironic. China cant stand Google, but i can use Google running mobile phone. Ha ha. Weird Chinese freaks.

  • kevinfromchinatown

well that's great

  • eastern countries?

trancehell, 27 Jul 2010If eastern companies improve products reliability and quality co... moreHas it not occurred to you that ALL technology legwork is done in the east? The cost of labour in the western world is absurd and that's why the westerners come to the east to exploit us. Can't complain and am not; please shower a little love and treat people as people.

  • demographics!

lord_RED, 27 Jul 2010Since HTC's a taiwanese company, aren't they supposed to priorit... morePlease get your demographics right and go look up the difference between china and taiwan. Not all yellow skin people belong to one country known as china!

  • what do americans kn

[deleted post]The bush administration sure has taught us about afghanistan and iraq. About mobile technology, ermmm...please enlighten us here...

  • Stadtionalist

In about a year, they'll be banned again for providing Android (Google) phones to China, which refuses to censor its media.

  • prasad.duda

congrats htc... go head

  • trancehell

If eastern companies improve products reliability and quality control and assurance, keeping the final costs not much higher than actual costs, they sure will have a serious increase in sales. Eastern market is driven differently from western market, and they know it.

  • trancehell

I'm glad that at least there's no commie symbol ( on the red screen of the phone... Ex-commies know why, oh yeah, since 1945 till 1990...

  • Koniakki

Anonymous, 27 Jul 2010congrats, this is the biggest achievement in ur life..And Congrats to your biggest achievement in life for being a part of HIS biggest achievement in life..

And just to be fair.. Congrats to me also for my biggest achievement in life for being a part of the biggest achievements of your lifes.. :)