Nokia N950 images emerge, give us a peek at the QWERTY

23 June, 2011
When Nokia announced the N950 MeeGo dev kit, they did it without any fanfare - without photos even. Now that injustice has been fixed and the aluminum-clad device is available to gawk at in a gallery of leaked...

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  • kaka

Add a dedicated camera button, and increase the battery capacity at least 1800mA, then this could be the best cellphone ever

  • eezzy

love fones with QWERTY combined with touch screen. Nokia take ur time and bring out a good fone. Am really looking up to the N950. I'd like to see this specification on my N950
memory: 60Gb
memory card slot: up to 32GB (micro sd)
good gaming functions
12mega pixel camera
gprs: YES
Divx video player
yahoo messenger
battery shuld be upto 50h for music, 7h for 3G, 16h for 2G, standby 2wks

  • Prats

Is this just for developers? I own a N900 and its simply awesome!

  • Roni

Anonymous, 24 Jun 2011i have nokia N900 and i can say i CANNOT wait for this is by far... moreI thk u have almost have all the mobiles, bcoz i coud c many of ur comments tat i have owned so and so mobile, how cum its possible for u to have o many mobiles in hand anonymous.

  • Manoj

I can't wait to see this phone in the stores. Wondering what would be the price tag.

  • Anonymous

is dis wid qwerty?

  • Anonymous

i have nokia N900 and i can say i CANNOT wait for this is by far best device i have ever owned.

  • Anonymous

No AMOLED screen = no want. I don't care for the keyboard.

Is the Nokia n950 will be put to the average consumer? And when?

Get real!, 24 Jun 2011This, for sure, in your (personal) opinion, Sir! :-) I never ... moreyea elop tried the Steve jobs/iphone approach and pretty much failed doing so........>.>..i'll hang on to my N8 for sure....i will be getting the 360 speakers for sure though LOL

  • Get real!

TechLOrd500, 24 Jun 2011Nokia already did such a great job when they released the Nokia ... moreThis, for sure, in your (personal) opinion, Sir! :-)

I never had a Maemo nor a MeeGo device, so, I'll have to pass judgement on that. Nokia's choice to make the N850 a 'developers only' device is rather a sad decision since many end users would have been happy getting a fully functioning / fully supported QWERTY phone that doesn't run on iOS, Android or WP7.

For the N9, I pass on that, regardless how cool it may look or how powerful it may be. The reason is simple: MicroSIM! My provider doesn't offer MicroSIM cards, therefore, this phone would be useless on my network. I truly think that integrating MicroSIM is still a bit too early since many big carriers still don't offer them.

Where does this leave me?
Away from Nokia devices for sure; will hang on to my HTC HD2 until a device comes along that can match the quality, features and possibilities of it.

  • scott

This phone looks amazing. Finally Nokia is getting a lot of things right with this phone..Memory, Processor, has it all!

  • jason24589

I wish the developers will sell it on eBay!!!

  • TechLOrd500

Nokia already did such a great job when they released the Nokia N900. They have already outdone 'IOS' and 'Android' with that 'Maemo 5' device years ago. Now, they've really outdone themselves by producing 'MEEGO' powered phones such as the 'Nokia N9' but the 'Nokia N950.' Those who don't know and don't actually have the 'Nokia N900' and fully knows its full features are the ones saying bad things about Nokia and saying that 'Android' is better. WP7 is also better than 'Android' but the 2nd best only when compared to 'Meamo 5' and 'MEEGO.'

  • Anonymous

Absolutely sexy phone....becarefull android ...hahaaahaha...

  • Blackburn

nice! release date please!!!!!

  • Kyien

I would reay love to see this phone in retail store.. @_@

hope there will be such N950 for communicator series. with MeeGo OS of course! Meego Rocks!


this set is very wonderful, looking very sexy..

  • babavyrus

i hope this phone as a 12 megapixel please let be that way.pleeeeeassssssseeer