Samsung I9220 confirmed by the DLNA, is it a phone, is it a tab?

12 August, 2011
A DLNA certificate has cropped up, proving the existence of the rumored Samsung I9220...

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  • Ness

My frd got the hands over it. It's really excellent mobile device. If callrd tab then it would a baby tab. Mine coming soon within a month.

This phone needs STEREO speakers like the i8910 - the S2 has MONO and this apart from a qHD scrren is the ONLY let down in my opinion... Jealous now if the physical size is almost the same with an edge-to-edge display i'll trade in my S2! :)
Go Super Samsung

  • Anonymous

Gokul, 13 Aug 2011i think sam will launch gaxaly s 2 with amoled HD 4.3" on Aug 29 They wouldn't bring out a new phone so quickly! It would annoy all the GS2 customers and I'm one!

  • pit

et, 13 Aug 2011samsung should release 3D phones with quard core Exynos processo... moreThat would e great ready to give my money to that baby

  • ziya

samsung u r a godfather in mobile u making iphone 6 don,t make iphone 5.

  • Gokul

i think sam will launch gaxaly s 2 with amoled HD 4.3" on Aug 29

  • et

samsung should release 3D phones with quard core Exynos processor & very high specifications & 2000 mamp battery.......

  • Anonymous

We have to wait the reaction of Steve Jobs
If he wants to ban, to make another action in justice to block this device so it is a very good device
Just wait on see

  • mjlc

it's going to be the galaxy s II 3D

  • Anamar

I think its half-Tablet and half-Smartphone, like Acer's Iconia Smart.

  • Anonymous

Better and better samsung
My galaxy s2 is already a pure pleasure
Samsung can do even better ?

Apple begins trial production of A6 processor

  • gav

Oh death why why it just me? Why is there even a question of whether its a tablet? Clearly its not if it has gingerbread and 4.3 inch screen or am I following the.incorrect logic?!

another good phone , good job Samsung i love my sgs 2 :x

  • sam

i saw some websites saying that it would have the next version of Android, Icecream Sandwich. I wish it would be 4.3inc and and having SuperAmoled Plus display and not SuperAmoled only. If it is almost like an Samsung GSII upgrade

  • Anonymous's a Galaxy. Wanna bet?

  • Anonymous

If it can use to make phone calls and messaging as well, in such a size, mostly people will treat it as a phone, rather its actual category. The most important thing here is it easily fit into a pocket!

  • Anonymous

r4yN, 12 Aug 2011sry to say that, but many other sources report that the Samsung ... moreactually I wouldn't really trust that source. The article on that website was edited a few times before it was taken down a while later. This would explain why some sites are reporting "4.3" and others "5.29".

Also, Samsung posted an official statement on their site where they write: "the details being cited are not accurate in this case." (

In short, that original article was a load of crap.

  • goppy

Will this be able to make phone calls if it's a tab. loving it, already have the s2 but WOULd upgrade to this if it's true

  • Stadtionalist

Here's an idea, the screen resolution isn't something we haven't seen on phones yet, merely tablets. Likely it's running a tablet-ROM for the screensupport... Guess a ROM cares less about actual screensize than resolution.