The Toshiba G920 specs revealed

22 Dec, 2007
Some new information about the Toshiba G920 continues to surface. The has published the specs of this high-end PocketPC. There's no guarantee that they are 100% accurate however the guys...

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  • sam

Really AmaZing product

  • jayfrejoe japrin

a very cool large memory. but i still want to stick to the nokia n96

  • Zeena

Can anyone tell me when this will be released and also if this will be released in the uk?

  • Yahya Naveed

Everything is normal except the SCREEN.... it will be ultra-sharp...

  • Anonymous

@ j1p}

HA! You just got PAWNED by tawd!

  • Anonymous

Why does a phone like this have to be nice-looking? It's meant for professional use...

  • Mr. poopypants

This phone looks like something you can win by knocking over a pile of cans with a ball. Design, right out the window. Yuck...

  • tawd

"all i want is for mobile phone manufacturers to make PHONES!!! not palm top computers for god sake because this looks like a casio calculator 'bloody awful'"

- There are THOUSANDS of generic, low-level, cheap and basic PHONES out there for people like you to choose from. Other people, like myself, need the means to access & send depthful information while on the go. High-end PPC's, such as this one, are a welcomed site for me and the millions of other consumers who have similar requirements for their lifestyles & jobs.

So... Go back underneath your rock and quit complaining - nobody here cares if you live in the past; however, it is rather annoying to read complaints such as yours on a forum that has nothing to do with you, so please save the rest of us from your ignorance.

  • Anonymous

this looks aweful ,it looks like a toy for kids under 4 years old on which they copy their parents using made in china calculater.

  • Anonymous

all i want is for mobile phone manufacturers to make PHONES!!! not palm top computers for god sake because this looks like a casio calculator 'bloody awful'

  • Anonymous

"and a 2.5mm audio jack for listening to music wirelessly or with your favorite headphones"?

Isnt 3.5mm the standard audio jack?

  • z


  • tawd

This should be exciting to see if they actually utilize the higher clocked Qualcomm CPU core... It looks like a lot of PPC manufacturers are going with the MSM series now days.

  • Andrius

Looks awful...

  • Robot

hey, gsmarena feels clod it's snowing. nice

  • Nick

I would never not buy a phone because it is ugly because at the end of the day, your phone spends 90% of its life in your pocket! Also fashionable phones get boring after a while, the novelty wears off.

looks nice though toshiba.

  • Anonymous

very not nice

  • b r y nn

I hope gadgets are going to take bigger routes this year as bigger flash memory and better batterys are on the horizon plus more integrated all in one micro chips,,

Altho people are seeing this as ugly these type of fones are getting more commonplace ,,so in the future firms will shrink these smartfones as they just become the norm and start introducing fashion versions of these high spec devices..

They said everything that could be invented has been invented yet every month new things crop up for i.e. wi-fi in fones ,,podcasting,,gps in fones,,you tube,,kettles that boil a cup of tea in 3 seconds so by the time we in the uk get dvb-h tv on our fones who knows wat will happen in this timeframe,,,but i think we will have devices similar to this portege but with a foldaway screens to minimise the device so it fits in the pocket better

  • Anonymous

iissshhhh! Uggly, has to be a fake, specs are OK, but the phone look to big!

  • Anonymous

looks like a gameboy! lol!