O2 UK publish their initial 2012 device lineup

11 March, 2012
O2 UK's 'coming soon' page offers up a blend of the latest Android and Asha devices expected in April.

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  • Marc Aurel

Anonymous, 12 Mar 2012Series 40 really is Symbian. it's a type of the OS just like Ser... moreOK, let's get this straight. In Nokia parlance "Series" means primarily a development platform and GUI, but does not tell you which OS it runs on. Series 60 (later renamed officially just S60), Series 80 and Series 90 were Symbian based. Series 40 is not, in other words it doesn't run on any version of the Symbian OS. Instead it runs on a propietary simple embedded OS called "Nokia OS" (yes, that really is its fully official name).

The Nokia OS is to Symbian what MS-DOS with a Windows-like GUI would be for Windows 7. Of course this analogy is not perfect or accurate, but it gives you a right idea; like MS-DOS, Nokia OS is older and much simpler. Series 40 phones can for example run with just 16 MB of RAM, something that has not been possible with Symbian for a long time.

waiting for galaxy s3

  • Anonymous

Series 40 really is Symbian. it's a type of the OS just like Series 60 was or Symbian 3 was. You going to tell me thats not Sybian? S40 is like Windows 7 starter for notebooks. you going to tell me that's not Windows 7 next! S40 is 7 starter and Symbain Belle is full windows 7!

  • Marc Aurel

X, 12 Mar 2012Symbian has been stopped so why create more phones which Nokia i... moreWhile the Asha Series 40 phones have nothing to do with Symbian, it is probably good to remind that Nokia has promised to support Symbian phones at least until 2016, in other words four years from now, a small eternity in mobile technology terms. Currently Nokia still has 1800 people working on Symbian development, albeit those people now get their paycheck from Accenture rather than directly from Nokia.

  • Marc Aurel

Anonymous, 12 Mar 2012Some might not want to admit it but the ancient S40, as found o... moreThat's like saying that some may not want to admit it, but the Earth is still flat... Series 40 predates the use of Symbian in mobile phones by several years and it really is not in any way based on Symbian. Series 40 is 100% Nokia developed propietary platform from start to finish, whereas Symbian started as a British PDA operating system and has involved many mobile phone companies during its development as well as the short-lived Symbian foundation.

Uk 3 to show htc one phones coming soon :)

  • bohannon67

Definitely waiting for the SGS3. Can't wait!!!

  • X

Symbian has been stopped so why create more phones which Nokia itself won't support.

  • Anonymous

waiting for iphone 5

  • Anonymous

"two members of Nokia's Symbian running Asha phones, the 201 and 302."

i'm pretty sure that the Asha phones are using Nokia's own propietary system with S40 UI, not Symbian...

  • Anonymous

The sony xperia s is just awesome !!!

Is there any news on the Samsung Galaxy S3?

It seems like i've been waiting ages since i first heard rumours but still no clear info about when the handset will be ready?

  • sai puneet guru

good boy for h.p

  • a

Those strips ase aowsome

  • Anonymous

the nokia asha is not running symbian!!! when will anyone get it right?

I am waiting for galaxy sIII which might be a trend setter or even a crap & a big hope for next iphone...

But the current line up of HTC and sony also atracts a lot... Fingers crossed

  • V

I decided to go with the xperia s. It will suit my needs fr now and I'll probably pick up a quad core next year when theyre a little more refined

  • Anonymous

kevinaux, 12 Mar 2012"Nokia's Symbian running Asha phones" Ashas dont ru... moreSome might not want to admit it but the ancient S40, as found on the Nokia Asha is still Symbian. :-)

  • 1911

what about the nokia 808 pureview??

  • Assassin

Will buy Sony Xperia S..