WP Mango devices won't get Apollo

18 April, 2012
This information comes from sources very close to Microsoft. Update: Info confirmed.

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  • Anonymous

The title of this article implies an official announcement from Nokia itself, whereas until now, only rumors have been heard. I'm not impressed by gsmarena...

This sucks! And I was blindly advocating the Lumias.

To everyone thinking of buying a Lumia, save your money and buy something else. The worst thing is buying a phone that won't get the next update. I'm sorry but I hate things like these. Buying a Lumia right now doesn't make sense anymore.

Who's going to buy a WP device after this news? I won't be surprised if WP's marketshare takes a beating after this sad news.

  • arun

The new is not inline with nokiaIndia's response on twitter, refer this

Also I think its too early to say anything regarding the devices getting upgrade, I have read somewhere that the WP8 development has started a couple of months ago and it would take time to release the version, may be in another 6 months, so all we can do now is wait and see what happens (as MS is closing any leak reg WP8 or creating a confusion to avoid their features getting copied (thank you google))

  • Missing

Anon, 18 Apr 2012Engadget is saying there is a possibility 'all' could be getting... morehttp://t.co/IKD1FViA the link you've been missing...

There WILL be an update for Mango
like 7.5, 7.6, 7.7, 7.8, 7.9 etc
But 8.0-Apollo is not an Upgrade.
Its for for different engine for different hardware.

  • Anon

Engadget is saying there is a possibility 'all' could be getting Apollo, so fingers crossed.

Well...nokia fans were claiming that android manufacturers wont give proper updates. So what do u guys say now??

i dont think this news is correct check this link

  • jplunks

this would be terrible news for the lumia users. This would be a Lumia 900 killer in itself

That's really suck :@ There are many things missing in mango , I thought Microsoft will fix this via Apollo update but now that news :( thumbs down Microsoft :@