Samsung Galaxy S3 photo leaks, yes, again

27 April, 2012
This one shows physical buttons again and looks to match the sketch from the leaked manual.

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  • Flemo

IllustriasFrog, 30 Apr 2012Just a Galaxy Nexus with Samsung branding. FAKE.ROFL you are aware that Samsung made the Galaxy Nexus right.

phone demon, 30 Apr 2012Samsung is trying a play and hide strategy to entise users. This... morehmm... Speak for yourself, Hardware issues mostly come because of USER related issues.

  • IllustriasFrog

Just a Galaxy Nexus with Samsung branding. FAKE.

  • Dave18

Tony, 29 Apr 2012 Nokia 808 pure view, 41 MP image size can be 30 mb and it suck ... moreAnd it has Symbian which doesnt like doing anything properly :)

  • phone demon

Samsung is trying a play and hide strategy to entise users. This phone is a crap infact all Samsung products are crap. I had a tablet 10.1 and a Samsung Galaxy 2 both mother board crashed njust into two months of use. When I got the Samsung Note, even worst, the battery got so hot just after my chat in facebook in less than 20min and later the Gingerbread OS just hang on me. Went back to Samsung they acknowledge that bthey face such problem but offer no remorse to replace a new one. All Samsung Android have 800Mhz of RAM space and some lower end like Ace is only 250Mhz so if you have more than 3-4 apps runing like emails and whats app or other instant messanger runing, you have to close it remotely and Google has a weakness, they activate the apps and emails without your premission. Try seeing your task bar every now and then you will fing the app closed earlir appears again and again. That's privacy invision. I'm going for an Apple iPhone and iPad. Better material and quality hardware and not such problems lkike RAM limitations and dapps developers issues.

  • ZRE

The odd thing about that fuzzy leak is that the soft touch (return & options) buttons are lit up like the handset has just been activated out of standby but the screen is still off.

The S2 buttons would only light up when the phone is unlocked and taken out of standby but the screen would light up as well.

i hope that is not the final design though cause it would be extremely anti climatic after all the hyoe thats surrounding this phone.

if it is I will most likely take a detour from samsung until, they release something visually and functionally desirable

  • gnote user

if this is the real deal, i'm disappointed. My huge galaxy note is way more appealing than this trash. sheesh. so here's to hoping that this isn't the real thing. If not, i'll be sticking with my huge gnote.

  • Elias

Is fake!!

what am waiting for is :

1- better battery
2- better built quality
3- brilliant camera quality

>>>> all of these are not found in my S2 :-(

after a whole year with android ... guess what ?

i will go for the amazing camera phone with superb battery and little decent apps that i really use not to show up with

i will go for the Nokia PureView 808

  • Jack

It seems very little extra that is not already in the market can go into SIII. It will be boring and not deliver any real advantages over others. Will a quad core make a faster phone call, or faster text, better reception or clarity, be more reliable and deliver better battery management, manage ms office better. Well actually no!. Games - who cares! Go and get a real life and not hide behind games! What I am chasing is real gains, not just slick marketing, and that is the challenge confronting Samsung. People now expect too much from them and they cannot deliver up to the same level of earlier changes between say SI and SII. Now if Samsung does surprise and deliver real material changes, and not just what is already in the market space, that will demonstrate to the world they are a leader, and not just a slick components manufacturer. My view is we do see some out of the box thinking with Samsung, like with the beam, but SIII is unlikely to offer those real changes, and will not be as successful as the SII.

  • Anonymous

HTC one x is not even better than the s2. Had them side by side and was totally unimpressed with it. The only thing it has going for it is looks. And in my book that's not enough.The s3 will be yet again phone of the year. And every body now's it

  • Anonymous

it looks like a cheap huawei, and the back cover will be for sure a "korean cheap speciality" with horrible plastic. 8 mp again and again. good job, i go for htc one x

  • Dude

This is fake.

galaxy nexus added mixed and so on.. FAKE not final S3!


  • major mayor

rick, 29 Apr 2012Lumia 900 still beats this ugly phone.too bad it has Windows Failure in it, wich has no apps.

  • Rob

Frankie_76, 29 Apr 2012Rob, When you install something always ask where you want to be... moreI see.. Ok, thanks a lot! I'll tell my friend to follow that.

This is fake for sure ...

  • Tony

akuei rv, 29 Apr 2012cut the crap ab0ut camera res0.,f y0ur l0oking f0r higher MP, th... more Nokia 808 pure view, 41 MP image size can be 30 mb and it suck ur memory.

  • k7

hey guys just wait for few days.i sold my s2 and waitin 4 s3.its become huge

  • Anonymous


The Nokia 808 Pure View is just concerned of how the Pixels are to be utilized..and how to give out the most out of a guys there is no point comparing any 8MP camera with a 12MP .... and so point comparing the upcoming SG3 with the NOKIA Pure View....!!