RIM announces mid-range BlackBerry Curve 9320

09 May, 2012
RIM has just announced another mid-range smartphone the BlackBerry Curve 9320.

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  • najem

Curve 9320 is a rock

use one android, you have used all androids
use one blackberry and you are addicted.
Think about it

  • Prime

Can some one state the price in USD.

  • Anonymous

At last RIM launched a model with a good battery back up.

  • dave

Anonymous, 11 May 2012why cant they remove the old O.S5 8520 and 9300.i think you`ll find the 9300 is upgradeable from 5.0 genius

  • Carlo

I'm sorry for my bad English.
If you don't like Blackberry Mobile, don't buy it!!! I'm a Blackberry User, Iphone 4, and also having Samsung Galaxy Note. And almost all type of blackberry i've been tried...
For me, every handheld having plus and minus point. If you never use it don't judge by the writen specification on review.
Choose handheld depend on your needs, Be wise dude...

  • Anonymous

They need to make faster phones, and that's the reason why android and iPhones keep getting the business! Are they blind!!!

  • Anonymous

macewan, 09 May 2012Everyone is missing the point. Obviously Research in Motion is p... moreretro phones with cool new modem features : congratulations to RIM for bringing the FM radio to the consumer market at least 5 years too late :-)

  • waz

Geekfreek, 09 May 2012Another photocopy from RIM... Wake up or shut down...!Am reading this page from my bb curve 9300. If you say it is a copy nd don't like BB then am sure u have never used one or u don't have any notion of quality nd class. Man I used the samsung galaxy s the iphne 4 but blackberry especially with os 6 there is no better phone.besides who gives a damn abt camera?

  • Anonymous

This phone proves Canadian innovation beside safety.

  • eDo

macewan, 09 May 2012Everyone is missing the point. Obviously Research in Motion is p... moreLOL... I bet RIM is implementing 8bit maps as in classic RPG games in their blackberry maps, likes the one Google did recently :D

  • Anonymous

why cant they remove the old O.S5 8520 and 9300.

hqha, 10 May 2012U guys here are so judgemental and racist! Whatever blackberry d... moreSo home users should all rush out and buy an outdated phone that is good for security in an enterprise environemnt that they will never use it in and pay well over the odds for the privilege?

Where eaxctly racism comes in to this I don't know and I am not to sure I even want to know quite frankly.

As potentially paying customers we are entitled to voice our opinions. Just because they don't macth yours does not make them any less valid.

  • hafiz

this phone is towars the bottom of there range. the 8520 will be replaced by the 9220 and the 9300 will be replaced by the 9320. but i can see the 8520 being sold for another year due to its high sales amongst payg users.

  • Lyndon

Aren't all BB's mid to low range by today's standards?

  • Anonymous

Don't get me wrong I like BB's but if this is the best they can do, then before their business fails they should go into voluntary liquidation.

  • Anonymous

PL3, 10 May 2012This device is like an old joke I once heard. How do you know wh... moreand with a note " you're so cheap" =))

  • Ex BB Fan

At least RIM could have given a good 5mpx autofocus camera in this handset and priced it at Rs.5000/- then at least we could expect some interesting revival.

I still like the BB Bold 9780 which I feel is much better than this, but inspite of it being too old it still asks a premium of Rs.22000/- Had it been around Rs.6000 or 7000/- it would have been a great buy.

I don't know why people go gaga over BB phones when they give outdated stuff, do not lower prices even after the handset ages quite a lot, never gives good camera & multimedia features, used to keep out FM radio and never even considers front facing camera.

And yet RIM charges exorbitant prices for their obsolete handsets!!!

  • hqha

U guys here are so judgemental and racist! Whatever blackberry do u don't like! That's not fair at all! Anw who are u guys to judge? Some bunch of ignorant judging a big company with some smart engineers! Pffffft! Rly u got to read the security of BBs and that's only a tiny spec. :)

  • TruthSeekr

It is sad, almost painful to read this news.

BlackBerry makes up an elaborate "Wake Up" campaign telling people that the Business has changed, they should be 'In Business' and 'Not just think different, but do different'...

...and then comes up with this phone from 2004.

Physical QWERTY still has appeal, and some users still don't like/want touchscreens, but there is NO EXCUSE for the outdated OS will next to nil developer base for apps.